Getting Organized In A Crazy, Busy World

It is time to get rid of the sticky note jungle, scatteredness, lack of direction and turn your 2016 into a successful, organized year!

Getting Organized In A Crazy, Busy World 635 x 635

Do you struggle trying to keep it all together with work, home, kids, self…? Have you had things fall through the cracks? Do you schedule TOO much in your days that is just not humanly possible to manage? Do you blog, but just don’t which programs or method to use to track EVERYTHING? Join me […]

Using Alpaca & Wool For Warmth & Survival On The Homestead

Warmth For The Homestead

There is something to be said about the warmth and comfort of a wool, alpaca and natural fibers, right?  Wool is an amazing God-given resource that repels water, is amazingly warm and extremely durable.  We have a lot of varying wool products on our homestead such as socks, blankets, sweaters, gloves and mittens, pants, skirts, […]

Podcast #122: Interview with Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom


November 25th, 2015: In today’s show I had the privilege to welcome Lisa Bedford, The Survival Mom back on my show to share her new book Emergency Evacuations:  Getting Out Fast When It Matters Most which is part of her No Worries Guide series.   If you like my Mountain Woman Radio you can also Subscribe […]

Podcast #121: Interview with Rick Stone of Our Stoney Acres

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 121 Rick Stone of Our Stoney Acres

November 18th, 2015: In today’s show I had the privilege to interview Rick Stone of Our Stoney Acres.  Rick is a master gardener and loves to share his knowledge. Rick’s classes: Class 1 Vegetable Garden basics – Class 2 PVC Drip irrigation – Class 3 Seed Starting – Class 4 Year Round Gardening – If you […]

Podcast #120: Interview with Jessica Espinoza of Delicious Obsessions and 20 Dishes

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 120 Jessica Espinoza Delicious Obsessions & 20 Dishes

November 11th, 2015: In today’s show I am blessed to interview Jessica Espinoza of Delicious Obsessions and 20 Dishes and have her  join me once again to share all the exciting and amazing things she has up and coming.  This you will definitely not want to miss out on…  You can also find more information out here […]

How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle

Learn what it really means to live an off-grid lifestyle and how attainable it really is...

Trayer Wilderness How To Embrace An Off Grid Lifestyle Christmas

The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1 started the ball rolling with my life of authoring/publishing in July of 2015.  Now I am pleased to present to you How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle which many have been waiting a long time for…  We take great pride in our family, […]

Podcast #119: Stepping Out In Faith

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 119 Stepping Out In Faith

November 4th, 2015: In today’s show I share some really wild recent happenings where I was forced to TOTALLY step out in faith!!  It has been extremely wild and my hope is that you will gain some great insight, inspiration and even hope for your life.  This is all about Stepping Out In Faith! For those […]

Mountain Woman Radio

Mountain Woman Radio Christmas

Mountain Woman Radio is available every Wednesday either on our website or iTunes. Mountain Woman Radio is  loaded with inspiration, encouragement and knowledge on self-reliance, preparedness, sustainability, homesteading, off-grid living, wilderness survival, day to day life, autism, traditional and primitive skills, gardening, canning and so much more.  Not to mention, there are guests from all […]

Podcast #118: Join Me In My Kitchen

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 118 Join Trayer Wilderness In The Kitchen

October 21st, 2015: In today’s show I bring you into my kitchen while I make dinner for my family.   I mentioned our Emergency Water Safety Webinar, I did a shout out to and also for her handmade Christmas.  To get your copy of The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way – Volume […]

Podcast #117: Interview with Monica Gill of Life With Grace

Mountain Woman Radio Podcast 117 Monica Gill Life With Grace

October 14th, 2015: In today’s show I had the privilege to speak with Monica Gill of  We had an amazing interview and it was so awesome to see how God works in our children and how he uses our children to empower us and make us better people!  Be sure to visit Monica for your […]

Podcast #116: Learning New Skills, Helping Others and Practicing What We Preach

Mountain Woman Radio Podcast 116 Learning New Skills

October 7th, 2015: In today’s show I discuss some of the new skills we have been learning, how we helped a local friend and how practicing what we preached paid off in what could have very easily been a survival situation. If you like my Mountain Woman Radio you can also Subscribe to me on iTunes. […]

It’s a Disaster…and what are YOU gonna do about it? (Review/Giveaway)

Prepare Magazine Book Giveaway

Its a Disaster Giveaway

Once again I’m happy to join with PREPARE Magazine in another series of Book Reviews and Giveaways. It is my hope that these will help you gain insight into what to get for you Preparedness Library (or perhaps you’ll be the Winner!). I’ve had the privilege to work with author Janet Liebsch in the past and […]

Podcast #115: Preparedness – National Preparedness Month

Mountain Woman Radio Podcast 115 Preparedness National Preparedness Month

September 23rd, 2015: In today’s show I take you along with me into the wilderness and we talk about preparedness and the why’s and how’s on how to embrace it. Be sure to enter the 30 Days of Preparedness Giveaway and visit all the 30 posts included which are LOADED with preparedness and survival tips. I […]

Are You Prepared? (National Preparedness Month)

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

National Preparedness Month Giveaway

Are you Prepared? We use National Preparedness Month to try to help everyone get a step ahead of the game, but we use the whole year to continue our efforts in sharing our education to help you learn and think out of the box. If you don’t feel very prepared, the best place to start […]

Podcast #114: Solar Cooking Training with Paul Munsen of All American Sun Oven

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 114 Solar Cooking Education with All American Sun Oven

September 16th, 2015: In today’s show, I welcome back Paul Munsen of All American Sun Oven to share more on Solar Cooking.  We took the time to answer some questions and shared the soup to nuts of cooking with the sun.  I would be LOST without my sun oven.  You can cook, bake, dehydrate, boil or […]

Simple Life Sunday #74 Featuring 6 Amazing DIY Posts

Simple Life Sunday

Thanks so much for joining me for Simple Life Sunday.  Grab your cup of tea or coffee and sit down with me and join me while I look through all the wonderful posts everyone has shared! Before you leave be sure to share one of your favorite posts. Welcome to September’s Simple Life Sunday~! Here […]

The Prepper’s Complete Book of Disaster Readiness by Jim Cobb (Review/Giveaway)

Prepare Magazine Book Giveaway

Disaster Preparedness Giveaway

My Friend’s over at PREPARE Magazine are running a series of Book Reviews and Giveaways that are sure to help you add to your Preparedness Library.  There will be a giveaway EVERY OTHER week upcoming so continue to stop back and see what the next book that will be available to you! The Prepper’s Complete […]

30 Days of Preparedness Giveaway

30 Days of Preparedness Giveaway

Welcome to the 30 Days of Preparedness Giveaway! National Preparedness Month helps encourage folks just like you to get prepared.  I’d like to encourage you to continue on this journey of preparedness ALL year long!  Allow my friend’s and associates to provide you with a jump start on preparing, by offering you great items in […]

Introductory Herbal Course Study Group

Fun, Inspiration, Support & Accountability - Success!

Introductory Herbal Course Study Group 300 x 300

Have you always wanted to take an Herbal Course, but you’ve been afraid of embarking on that online course by yourself? Were you putting it off, waiting for that perfect moment? Well, NOW is the time! I have been self-taught and have had wonderful influences in my life that have shared and taught me AMAZING […]

Podcast #113: Interview with Dr. Kirk Elliott, Ph. D. – America’s Financial Doctor

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 113 Dr Kirk Elliott Americas Financial Doctor

September 2nd, 2015: In today’s show we talk about the current financial struggles our country is having and how that will affect our future.  I had the extreme privilege to share with you Dr. Kirk Elliot who is an economist, as well as a political, economic and social commentator. Dr. Elliott, known as America’s Financial Doctor (, is […]

Why Natural Health, Exercise & Whole Foods Play A Role In Survival

Why Natural Health Exercise & Whole Foods Play A Role In Survival

What comes to mind when you think of survival?  I have to imagine it is a bug-out bag or maybe how to make a fire or shelter, right? Well, there are SO many aspects to survival and I fear that some are often overlooked! Let’s take a look at natural health.  With the way big […]

What You Should Consider When Fire Is A Threat?

What To Consider When Wild Fires Are A Threat

The Pacific Northwest is under attack with wildfires…   Are you and your family affected?  We are…   We’ve had 3 months+ with no rain and extreme heat.  It is beyond dry and we are living in an unsafe tinder box.  All it would take is one fool to drop a cigarette, a lightning bolt, […]

Podcast #112: Wildfire Preparedness

Mountain Woman Radio - Episode 112 - Wildfire Preparedness

August 26th, 2015: In today’s show I wanted to take the time to share with you the importance of being aware of your surroundings, being prepared and thinking ahead in the event a wildfire is a threat.  Here are several links to the videos I did this week here and here as well as my post […]

Podcast #111: Interview with Gregg Carter The Rural Economist

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 111 Gregg Carter The Rural Economist

August 19th, 2015: In today’s show I had the honor and privilege to interview a good friend of mine, Gregg Carter of  He has a great story and is a wealth of information on everything homesteading.   Don’t forget to check out his book Micro and Cottage Businesses and be sure to join his newsletter […]