How We Preserve Food

How We Preserve Food

Here in the wilderness, food preservation is on the top of the list. As most of you know, we live off-grid with 100% solar in the northern Idaho wilderness.  We utilize age old techniques and traditions in all we do and preserving our food for our pantry and canning shelves is no different.   We […]

Trayer Fire Tool

Trayer Fire Tool

Let me introduce you to our NEW tool that the Mountain Man along with our good friend Jamie Burleigh of,  and of Pathfinder TV designed. Here is a review of our product: Trayer Fire Tool Another multipurpose fire tool by the Mountain Man, Glen Trayer, but this time two heads were better than one when Jamie […]

Protection on the homestead

Protection On The Homestead

Here on our homestead, it is a requirement to not only be prepared for ANYTHING, it is also a necessity to be protected! We live in the northern Idaho wilderness along with the wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, bears and even the Momma Moose who has a reputation for being very violent when you get to […]

Mountain Woman Rendezvous Blog Hop at

Mountain Woman Rendezvous #64

Welcome to Mountain Woman Rendezvous! Be sure to spread the word and tell your friend’s! Unfortunately, this are just WAY to hectic for the next 4 to 6 weeks here on our homestead with the BIG project which we can soon share with you. So, I am not posting my featured posts until this project […]


Kelly Kettle Group Giveaway

Kelly Kettle Group Giveaway Who would love to win a Kelly Kettle in our group giveaway? Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? A large group of my blogging colleagues is trying to show the world what is available to use in an unforeseen disaster or emergency. We are so thankful to Glen […]