Getting Organized In A Crazy, Busy World

It is time to get rid of the sticky note jungle, scatteredness, lack of direction and turn your 2016 into a successful, organized year!

Getting Organized In A Crazy, Busy World 635 x 635

Do you struggle trying to keep it all together with work, home, kids, self…? Have you had things fall through the cracks? Do you schedule TOO much in your days that is just not humanly possible to manage? Do you blog, but just don’t which programs or method to use to track EVERYTHING? Join me […]

Podcast #135: Reese Crane – The Silent Addiction

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 135 Reese Crane The Silent Addiction

May 25th, 2016: In today’s show I had the privilege to interview Reese Crane where we spoke about the unspoken struggle of many – porn and sexual addiction.  Reese is a Certified Christian Counselor and he can be found at both and also You can also find him on Facebook. If you like my […]

Podcast #134: Swiss Hills Ferments

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 134 Swiss Hills Ferments

May 11th, 2016: In today’s show I had the privilege to interview Karen and James Christian of Swiss Hills Ferments.  They are a wealth of information when it comes to fermenting, preserving, making cheese, aging cheese, yogurt, curing meats, making beer and so much more. The Cave Kickstarter program for The Cave Triple Cream Brie   If […]

Podcast #133: Interview With Mitzi Weinman Of TimeFinder

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 133 Mitzi Weinman Time Finder

April 27th, 2015: In today’s show I had the privilege to have Mitzi Weinman of TimeFinder join me again.  Mitzi is an author, speaker and expert on time management and organization.  She is a wealth of information and today we talk about ways to spring clean which is so fitting right now for us all.   […]

Spring & Summer Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Spring & Summer Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

There is something refreshing and even romantic to me about diffusing essential oils.  I love all things natural and I also am excited when one thing provides multiple purposes in my home. I used to be a MAJOR candle junky!!  I had candles burning in every room of my house, on the back porch and […]

Goals vs. Reality – Gardening, Canning, and Building

Goals vs Reality Gardening Canning Building

In my previous post, MORE Was My Catalyst,  you read about how I got started on my journey and the progress made.  Now that I have another year under my belt I still feel like there is so much to do.  Initially, I thought that we’d be able to get everything how we wanted it […]

The Best Things In Life Happen On The Other Side Of Your Comfort Zone

“The Best Things In Life Happen On The Other Side Of Your Comfort Zone” by Tammy Trayer

Don’t wait for the perfect moment…   Take that first step, that’s all it takes….


FREE Solar Cooking Webinar with Paul Munsen of All American Sun Oven

April 21st 5 pm Pacific ( 7:00 p.m. Central Time, 8 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Mountain) Register NOW!

Trayer Wilderness Solar Cooking Webinar 2016

We are really excited to be able to offer you a FREE Solar Cooking Webinar!  As most of you know I have been reviewing the All American Sun Oven and have produced many videos, posts and taught at GNOWFGLINS Outdoor Cooking Class this year.  The All American Sun Oven is a top quality unit and just absolutely […]

Podcast #132: Interview with Jared Stanley of J and J Acres

Mountain Woman Radio Podcast 132 Jared Stanley of J and J Acres

April 15th, 2015: In today’s show I had the privilege to have Jared Stanley of J and J Acres join me.  Jared has a very large and informative YouTube channel and website and is a wealth of information on homesteading, growing your own food, animal husbandry, permaculture and more.  If you are looking for help with […]

Trayer Wilderness at Sustainable Preparedness ExpoI am really excited to share some news with you!!  Myself and my Mountain Man will be teaching  two different workshops at the Sustainable Preparedness Expo in Spokane, WA this spring.  Together, we will be sharing our knowledge and the importance of Wilderness Survival and also focusing on how we have chosen to make a living with Living It! Loving It and Making A Living!  As you know we live 100% off-grid with solar power and are homesteading traditionally in northern Idaho and it is our passion and pleasure to help inspire and educate others to embrace a more preparedness and self reliant lifestyle!

Be sure to join us…

You will also be able to check out our handcrafted wares as well as all our survival tools in person at our booth.

Date: May 15, 2016
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Event: Sustainable Preparedness Expo
Topic: Wilderness Survival / Homesteading & Off-Grid Means Of Income
Venue: Spokane Valley Fair & Expo Center
Location: 404 N. Havana St
Spokane Valley 99202
Public: Public
More Info: Click here for more information.

Be sure to check out my book: How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle -

Podcast #131: Join Me On A Walk In The Wilds

Mountain Woman Radio Podcast 131 Walk In The Wilds

March 30th, 2016: In today’s show I take you with me for a walk in the wilds and spend time catching up with you for the first time since my surgery.  I spent time talking with you about my illness, my faith and just the happenings of life. Join us at Sustainable Preparedness Expo in  Spokane, […]

Podcast #130: Interview with Dr. Susan Kolb

Author of The Naked Truth About Breast Implants From Harm To Healing

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 130

March 16th, 2016: In today’s show I had the privilege to interview Dr. Susan Kolb.  Dr. Kolb is a world renown plastic surgeon who specializes in breast explants and the detoxing necessary for improved health.  I am indebted to Dr. Kolb for literally saving my life and now I desire to pay it forward and help […]

Podcast #129: Our Health Journey

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 129

February 17th, 2016: In today’s show my Mountain Man and I share with you Our Health Journey.  It is a bit long, but we pray that you listen and share this podcast or our YouTube video with the masses.  This is something that needs to go viral.  We have saved 7 lives to date that we […]

Podcast #128: Interview With Teri Page

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 128 Teri Page

February 10th, 2016: In today’s show I had the privilege to enjoy Teri Page’s company once again of  We spoke about the additions of her root cellar to her homestead and her new book Creating Your Off-Grid Homestead:Radical Inspiration and Practial Advice. Teri provided all our listeners with a 20% off discount.  Use coupon code Wilderness. […]

MORE Was My Catalyst

MORE Was My Catalyst

Have you ever thought “There’s got to be more to life?”  Yep, that’s where I was at September 2013.  I was working a full-time job with a minimum two-hour commute daily and an elementary child in before and after school care (known as Latchkey here in our school system).  I was dissatisfied with my job […]

Podcast #127: Interview with Tommy Alderman

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 127 Tommy Alderman

February 3rd, 2016: In today’s show I had the privilege to interview Tommy Alderman of Tommy and his family do a great deal for his community in Bookhaven, Mississippi and the homesteading community as a whole with his education on his website as well as his YouTube channel.   If you like my Mountain Woman […]

Podcast #126: Interview With Wranglerstar

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 126 Wranglerstar

January 27th, 2016: In today’s show I had the extreme privilege to interview Cody otherwise known as Wranglerstar.  For those of you unfamiliar with Cody, you can find he and his family on their YouTube channel by going to Be sure to check out his book Modern Homesteading – Recovering The American Dream. Join Cody at […]

Mutlipurpose Hand Forged Herb Drying Rack

Multipurpose Hand Forged Herb Drying Rack

The Mountain Man is always fabricating, creating and manufacturing useful items for our homestead.  Sometimes it is necessary for us to manufacture things to fit our needs, to improve the modern day counterparts and to allow us to do unique and creative things here. Many of these tools will benefit you as well so once we […]

Podcast #125: Interview with Dr. Eric Zielinski on Biblical Health

Mountain Woman Radio Podcast 125 Dr Eric Zielinski Biblical Health

January 20th, 2016: In today’s show I had the extreme privilege to interview Dr. Eric Zielinski.  We spoke today about biblical and natural health.  Dr. Z is a wealth of information and his website should be bookmarked by all. Check out his Heal Your Gut Summit that is going on right now.  So many things can […]