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Our hunting season started on October 10th in the northern Idaho wilderness. So far it is off to a successful start for some of us.

My parent’s joined us out here on October 6th for two and a half weeks and two other friends, Bob and Brett, from Pennsylvania joined us on the 9th.  Bob and Brett had the privilege of being our 1st guests in our newly built (in a mere 4 weeks) traditional style hand built log guest cabin.  I will write a post on the cabin when I have a little bit more time.

A successful 1st day harvested a 5 x 5 elk by our friend Bob.

Bob was the only one this year to get an elk. Our season is short and we do not have a cow season this year so Dad and Brett will need to make another attempt next year as well as myself, my Mountain Woman and my Mountain Boy.

Brett and Bob we look forward to having you visit again!!

Whitetail deer season opened the same time as elk and we had some success with the deer as well.

My cousin, Jonathan got his 1st buck and his 1st Idaho deer with his 4 x 4 by Idaho standards.

My Dad got himself a nice 4 x 4 also.

As it stands today, November 5th, the rest if us Mountain Wilderness folk still are hanging on to our shells in hopes of the big bucks (Maurice as my Mountain Woman called him) that we saw prior to opening day, of course!

Congrats Bob, Dad, Jonathan and the rest of you hunters out there that have gotten so far!! Would love to hear from you all in regard to your season and your location!! Comment on this post or on our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/mountainmanjournals.

I will continue to make updates this season and let you know how we fare!

Take care and God Bless!