72 Hour Survival Kit Giveaway (Not just 1, but 3)

 We are giving away (3) 72 Hour Survival Kits. Enter to win!

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Food Fire Filter Bucket by Food Supply Depot


Contains the following items:

1 – Artisan Oatmeal 4 Serving Pouch
1 – Harvest 6 Grain Cereal 4 Serving Pouch
1 – Texan Sunrise Skillet 4 Serving Pouch
1 – Instant Low Fat Milk 4 Serving Pouch
1 – Instant Orange juice 8 Serving Pouch
1 – Rotini A La Marinara 5 Serving Pouches
1 – Nantucket Potato 5 Serving Pouches
1 – Rio Grande Beans 3 Serving Pouches
6 – InstaFire Paper Pouches
1 – Folding BBQ Grill
1 – Cooking Pot w/ Detachable Handle
1 – 8 oz. Drinking Cup
1 – 6-in-1 Detachable Utensil Set
1 – Seychelles 24 oz. Water Filter Bottle
1 – Plastic Container w/ 50 Waterproof Matches
1 – 23 Piece First Aid Kit

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Disclaimer from SurvivalBased.com:  Please be aware, these are the products we have chosen. If these items are unavailable when the giveaway closes out we will substitute with other Food Supply Depot products that are similar. We believe and trust the quality of Food Supply Depot and this is why we have chosen these products as a our Giveaway. We have no control if Food Supply Depot were to discontinue or sell out of said products. The giveaway starts on June 16th at 5:00 am MDT and runs through June 23rd 11:59 pm MDT. The winner will be chosen and emailed to contact us within 48 hours. Please check your spam folder in your email. If we do not hear from the chosen winner after the specified 48 hours a NEW winner will be chosen and notified. This giveaway is open to all individuals 18 years of age and older who live within the 48 Continental United States.


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