American Frontiersman Magazine 2015 Issue 191

American Frontiersman Magazine Issue 191 - 2015I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to write an article about my son Austin, the Mountain Boy.  As many of you know, Austin is high functioning autistic with asperger tendencies.  You can find his story in this issue of the American Frontiersman title Modern Day Mountain Men and a DIY title Rifleman’s Sling Upgrade.

Our lifestyle has provided Austin with a chance to live life to the fullest without the stresses of the modern day.  With this opportunity came great accomplishments and provided him with the ability to overcome 98% of his autistic tendencies.  I am so proud of him and his accomplishments.  This article pulled many heart strings and is one that I am also very proud to have been given the opportunity to write.  Our hope is that we can reach many and in some way offer them inspiration, hope and even guidance on how we overcame and conquered autism and that it can be done.

We are running a special giveaway for our YouTube subscribers, if you would like to enter our giveaway for a free copy of this issue of the American Frontiersman Magazines, you can do so here.  Winner will be chosen on February 1st, 2015.  Our winner will be announced on February 1st, 2015.

You may like to read a post I wrote here on our site in regard to WHAT we have learned with autism and HOW we conquered it.

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Tammy Trayer is an author, freelance writer, blogger at and a radio show host at Mountain Woman Radio. Tammy and her family live traditionally off-grid and have a passion to help educate others by sharing their experiences of living off the land, dealing with autism, gluten free and dairy free cooking, self-reliance, wilderness survival, traditional and primitive skills, and much more. Follow Tammy's radio show on iTunes and her website. Keep up with Tammy's informative articles and videos by subscribing to: and She and her family have also created where they will be teaching their homesteading, off-grid, traditional and wilderness survival skills to like-minded people just like you.

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7 thoughts on “American Frontiersman Magazine 2015 Issue 191

  1. My son is an avid outdoorsman. He has a subscription to Backwoods and devours every single issues. While we were out in town the other day my son saw this magazine and just had to have it. We also homeschool, he is 10 almost 11. So we came home and he went missing for a couple hours. He came back from his room and said “mom can I please look up a website of some people I read about in my new magazine” I said only if I look with you. He absolutely LOVES all your husbands videos (as my son and husband set snares, traps and are huge hunters), he absolutely LOVES your sons videos and blogs. We had read your story together as a family. Two of my children are also gluten and casein free. I also am an essential oil, canning momma!
    My son checks your videos and your sons blogs daily! He said “mom they are Christians just like us, I have got to go meet Austin he is the coolest guy ever!”
    Thank you for writing and thank you for your sons blog and videos! We live in TN.

    • Joy my apologies for the delay in responding… I just reread this and it brought tears to my eyes this time too…. Austin thought your message was really awesome too! We are so thankful to get such messages to know we are reaching people and people of all ages. And yes we are Christian’s and feel so very led to reach people with our knowledge, successes with autism and mainly our faith. We lose people in our audience sometimes because of our faith, but we are here in Idaho and were able to embrace this lifestyle clearly and only by the grace of God! It only feels fitting to honor him in all we do! I am SO SO glad that your son found my article and is loving ours and Austin’s materials. It is SO hard to find family friendly education any more and we want to provide information for all ages. This has just encouraged Austin to get some more of his videos out there. So tell your son to stay tuned.. Sounds like we have a lot in common Joy and you not only brought tears to my eyes, but you totally made my day!! Blessings to you and yours and feel free to reach out anytime!! Austin can be reached at austin at mountainboyjournals dot com if your son would ever like to drop him a line. Thank you again my dear new friend!! <3 Tam