Trayer Wilderness Kaiser Rolls

Our lifestyle is a choice and some may view it as a lot of work, but we are healthier and happier individuals. I love the wonderful smells that permeate my home and escape my windows to the outdoors tantalizing the men as they work.   For me it is a “Simple Pleasure” being good to my family and pulling […]

Simple Pleasures and simplifying your life…..

sim·ple adjective 1. not complicated: a simple design. pleas·ure noun 1. the state or feeling of being pleased. 2. enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one’s liking; gratification; delight.   These are my favorite words “Simple Pleasure“.  A Simple Pleasure is just that – a time, a thing, a moment, a person, that appears in your day in which gives you a simple feeling of enjoyment, satisfaction, delight that is priceless beyond measure.   Our lifestyle, […]

New Pioneer Magazine Debut

Well this is an exciting week for our family.  I have always had the desire to write and in 2012 I embraced that dream. I took a 6 week writing course in March and mid-way through my teacher suggested that I query some magazines with my ideas.  We had been enjoying the New Pioneer Magazine […]

Our Story…

We have always been very traditional people. Often times put in our own category. We are the kind of people that see the shiny side of the penny and felt God’s grace to grab our boot straps and trudge on. We have an amazing story of lives filled with heartache, despair & challenge, but once […]

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

From our family to yours, may we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving! A day where you may be surrounded by those you love, with a bounty of food, good conversation, a turkey coma and memories that will last a lifetime! We are feeling blessed beyond belief back here in our wilderness playground.  Some people wait […]

Near Death #595 by Hot Sauce

Well it was quite the experience! Let me tell you 1st about the hours leading up to the event. We had guests, many… We’ve been entertaining many different people this year, but this day Glen’s Mom and Dad were joining us. It was a crazy day spent doing many things and one of which was […]

Our log guest cabin was built by hand in 4 weeks

Yes…  4 weeks and our guest cabin went from only 9 concrete pillars to housing two guests here in the wilderness.  Now this is not just any cabin, but a hand crafted log cabin!  It was quite the rush, but it turned out AMAZING.  Glen used traditional tools to construct the cabin.  He also used […]

Dedicated to a hero… We are proud…

On July 16th, a 69 year old male left the hospital after undergoing some treatments and suffered an unfortunate medical problem on his way home that led to a two car crash. Our hero came to a stop sign and when looking both ways found two cars on their roofs and no one else in […]

My MacGyver

Remember the show that started airing back in 1985 entitled MacGyver?  You know the fella that could turn a piece of junk into some useful thing. Well I have my own MacGyver and I have so much faith in him that I truly believe he could make a gun out of a paper clip!! 🙂 […]

A little taste of God’s country…

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a proverb. It means that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring. Well, we are never bored and I believe those that know us best would plea to differ that we are boring…, but all work and no play […]