Grieving A Loss

It is a fact of life, we are made from dirt and we will return to dirt. We were born and are destined to die at the time God has planned for us. “All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.”  Ecclesiastes 3:20 KJV As a Christian, […]

Coffee With Our Creator

AH HA!!  I caught your attention and I am SO glad! So often we get caught up in life… It sweeps us away and we don’t even realize it. We are so totally consumed with responsibility, care-taking, our work, our struggles, even our joys… We turn around and the 7 am is now 7 pm […]

Time Spent Today, Are Memories Created For Tomorrow

I’ve been spending time in my kitchen canning.  While canning I have a lot of time to think and reflect and I have been doing both. For one, I am missing the Mountain Boy who is on his summer vacation in Pennsylvania visiting his grandparents and he happens to be my canning partner.   We […]

Marriage – What Does Your Marriage Mean To You?

Marriage is something I hold near and dear to my heart and take VERY seriously! Previously I did a show on my Mountain Woman Radio titled – “Homesteading is like a Marriage”. The bible is the handbook the Mountain Man and I use as the foundation of our marriage.   Our wedding vows will never be […]

The Profound Blessing of Simple Pleasures

While I sit here in the quiet of another beautiful morning in the Idaho wilderness, I am in awe of all my blessings. I enjoy starting my day early. I start my day by spending some quiet and much needed time with God, typically in a very quiet and wonderful spot. Taking in the sounds […]

The True Blessings of Homeschooling a Special Needs Child

Homeschooling my son Austin has been just that, a True Blessing! Some of you have been following our successes, but for those of you that are new to our story, you may want to read this About the Trayer’s and you may also be interested in hearing how we overcame nearly 97% of my sons autistic […]

I Choose Happiness and Choose to Make a Positive Ripple in the World Around Me

Today I thought I would share some of my thoughts. Recently I have encounter several situations with some very unkind people. Really, just plain, downright NASTY individuals. It was disheartening to me to see that there are SO many individuals in this world like this. I encountered one that chose to just grace my presence […]