An off-grid Christmas at Trayer Wilderness

An off-grid Christmas at Trayer Wilderness

It’s nice to remember, especially around the holidays, the little joys that go with living a homesteading lifestyle.Tammy Trayer, of Trayer Wilderness reminds us of what it’s all about.

trayer-wilderness-off-grid-christmasI am so grateful for our off-grid traditional lifestyle. Growing up on a farm with traditionally minded parents created a yearning and desire to live in a different era for both my husband and I. Our location has permitted us to create our own era more or less away from modern day mindsets and influences.

We are always enamored and captivated by the pioneers and homesteaders of yesteryear. They blazed trails across the country living the hard working simple life. We can now relate in many ways.

There is something to be said when you use tools from the past or cook in cast iron skillets that are age old, but have lots of life left in them and still make any dish taste better.

Using these types of tools daily gives you a sense of pride and fills you with thoughts of days gone by and makes you yearn to know the story and the travels of that tool.

With Christmas upon us, we are very thankful for our lifestyle and it nearly wells my eyes up with tears knowing what we have instilled and created in our son and for our son, living as we do. This time of year makes my heart swell in a good way — a joyful way. Knowing that what we have created for ourselves through a leap of faith has changed our lives and we hope, that of others as we strive daily to inspire others and share our knowledge.

Living a life of simplicity and hard work creates strong bonds in the family that can never be replaced. We sit at the table every night to enjoy our dinner together, being ever so thankful for our accomplishments throughout our day and the food that garnishes our table.

Christmas has become so commercialized in our society today, but out here in the wilderness we look to the traditions of the past and the special traditions we are able to create that don’t involve a purchased gift. Living off-grid and traditionally creates a much more frugal mindset and a sense of pride in gifting hand crafted items for our family and others.

Christmas in the wilderness for us is about the magic of the season, the birth of Christ (the reason for the season) and implementing traditions of the past such as going as a family to find the perfect tree and creating our own traditions such as a jar on our table holding everyone’s slips of paper reflecting what they are thankful for not what was on a Christmas gift list.

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