30 Days of Preparedness Giveaway

Welcome to the 30 Days of Preparedness Giveaway! National Preparedness Month helps encourage folks just like you to get prepared.  I’d like to encourage you to continue on this journey of preparedness ALL year long!  Allow my friend’s and associates to provide you with a jump start on preparing, by offering you great items in […]

Why Natural Health, Exercise & Whole Foods Play A Role In Survival

What comes to mind when you think of survival?  I have to imagine it is a bug-out bag or maybe how to make a fire or shelter, right? Well, there are SO many aspects to survival and I fear that some are often overlooked! Let’s take a look at natural health.  With the way big […]

What You Should Consider When Fire Is A Threat?

The Pacific Northwest is under attack with wildfires…   Are you and your family affected?  We are…   We’ve had 3 months+ with no rain and extreme heat.  It is beyond dry and we are living in an unsafe tinder box.  All it would take is one fool to drop a cigarette, a lightning bolt, […]

What To Gather For Fire Making and How To Make A Fire

Being able to create a fire in a survival situation is a life or death scenario, did you know that?  If you are unable to keep your body temperature at a normal temperature or you are wet and cold and need to quickly find heat – you could easily die of hypothermia if you are […]

The Importance Of A Shelter & Staying Warm and Dry

Let’s talk about the importance of a shelter…  We all live in varying climates, terrain and areas.  Some of you may live in the city, in a small town, in the country or in the wilderness as we do.  No matter where you are located, the first thing you need to be concerned about in […]

How To Build A Shelter

 Having shelter is the first concern next to keeping warm when in the elements.  Being able to remove yourself from the elements of mother nature is important.  Whether you are using a man-made form of shelter or utilizing materials from mother nature herself in your surroundings, but building a shelter is a must! Our Mountain […]

What is Char and Why Should You Have It To Start A Fire

A common question we hear is, “What is Char”? So we figured we need to touch on this subject because char is actually something that could very easily save your life. Char is a highly combustible substance.  It is something that has been charred in a fire (in a tin of sorts) making it a […]

How We Choose The Right Gear

  Packing the proper gear is an important aspect of having a pack as is keeping things organized.  I would like to take this time to share with you how and what we choose for our packs. Having a pack full of all the latest gear is great, but if you don’t know how to […]

The Importance of Having The Right Tools In Your Pack

This is SO important!  Having the right things in your pack is comparable to wearing the right shoes in a race! You wouldn’t run a race in ski boots and you need to take what you are putting in your pack very seriously. There are essential things that you need to consider.  Let’s break them down. […]

The Benefits of Bushcraft Skills and How To Forage From The Wild

  Well there sure has been a lot covered in the 30 Days of Preparedness.  Because of our lifestyle we thought we would end the month talking about the need for bushcraft skills and foraging in the wild.  We live a very traditional and even primitive minded lifestyle and these two skills are something that […]