It’s a Disaster…and what are YOU gonna do about it? (Review/Giveaway)

Prepare Magazine Book Giveaway

Once again I’m happy to join with PREPARE Magazine in another series of Book Reviews and Giveaways. It is my hope that these will help you gain insight into what to get for you Preparedness Library (or perhaps you’ll be the Winner!). I’ve had the privilege to work with author Janet Liebsch in the past and […]

Are You Prepared? (National Preparedness Month)

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Are you Prepared? We use National Preparedness Month to try to help everyone get a step ahead of the game, but we use the whole year to continue our efforts in sharing our education to help you learn and think out of the box. If you don’t feel very prepared, the best place to start […]

The Prepper’s Complete Book of Disaster Readiness by Jim Cobb (Review/Giveaway)

Prepare Magazine Book Giveaway

My Friend’s over at PREPARE Magazine are running a series of Book Reviews and Giveaways that are sure to help you add to your Preparedness Library.  There will be a giveaway EVERY OTHER week upcoming so continue to stop back and see what the next book that will be available to you! The Prepper’s Complete […]

30 Days of Preparedness Giveaway

Welcome to the 30 Days of Preparedness Giveaway! National Preparedness Month helps encourage folks just like you to get prepared.  I’d like to encourage you to continue on this journey of preparedness ALL year long!  Allow my friend’s and associates to provide you with a jump start on preparing, by offering you great items in […]

WonderMix Mixer and Meat Grinder Attachment Giveaway

I LOVE WonderMill products.  Some of you may have seen my article in the New Pioneer Magazine on Milling Your Own Flour with the manual flour mill, the WonderMill Jr. Deluxe.  They make quality tools for your kitchen and we highly recommend their products.  WonderMill is also located here in Idaho.  🙂 We will only promote […]

Little House On The Prairie® Gift Pack Giveaway

What little girl in the 70’s didn’t grow up with that sparkle in their eye when someone mentioned Little House On The Prairie®?  I have to imagine there were many men that were drawn to the prairie too?  We enjoyed watching the TV show together as a family and I LOVED reading the books! How […]

Quick & Easy Food For Your Preparedness Needs (Giveaway)

  As you know, we are always talking about the importance of being prepared.    Survival Based has a lot to offer along the lines of preparedness and survival as their name suggests and they are well known for their Emergency Food Supply Buckets.  It is nice to have such food on hand to make unexpected events […]

Review: Homesteading Necessity – Clothespins

When you are homesteading, washing may take on a whole new meaning than to those utilizing a lot of the modern day conveniences.  Many may wash their clothes by hand, in old ringer washers or maybe even in a piece of equipment they created themselves such as a new toilet plunger and a 5 gallon […]

Black Friday Berkey Light Giveaway

  Berkey Light Water Purifier Giveaway We are excited to share this Berkey Light Water Purifier Giveaway that sponsored by our friends at LPC Survival. The Berkey Light Water Purifier is an deal water filtration system for everyday use at home, travel, outdoors or during emergencies. Includes one set of Black Berkey Elements. Includes: 2 […]