How to make homemade spikes and nails on the forge


Well the Mountain Man has been busy in his smithy!  Wait till you see all the REALLY cool stuff he’s made.  Some of his new creations will be added to our website store and others will be shared here with his how-to videos. Today’s video below will show you how to make homemade nails or […]

How to make homemade vanilla extract

In our effort to make everything from scratch I have added a new raw ingredient to my list… Vanilla extract… It couldn’t be more simple and easy. All you will need is the following: ♥ 3 vanilla beans ♥ 1 cup of vodka ♥ Glass jar with a tight fitting lid Using a kitchen scissors cut the beans […]

Simple ways to organize your shop

This week I did two videos on organizing my shop.  Below are the two videos that I hope will add some organization to your shop, garage, basement, man cave, etc.        

How to make a chicken cone and butcher chickens


Our family tries to do everything we possibly can for ourselves.  We purchased 30 laying hens and ended up with 5 roosters out of the bunch.  We didn’t want all those roosters in the coop so we fattened them up and decided they would do nicely in our freezer.  When it comes to putting meat […]