Near Death #595 by Hot Sauce

Well it was quite the experience! Let me tell you 1st about the hours leading up to the event.

We had guests, many… We’ve been entertaining many different people this year, but this day Glen’s Mom and Dad were joining us.

It was a crazy day spent doing many things and one of which was cutting habeneras for my Trayer Wilderness Hot Pepper Mustard.

Cutting Habs, as we call them, is a grueling and dangerous task to begin with. I rarely ever get volunteers to assist. 🙂 Habs need to be cut with layers of gloves to eliminate burning hands for days!! (Exaggeration, but it is something you truly don’t want to experience)

After hours of chopping, stirring the mustard, jarring it and having the kitchen needing special care, everyone else was ready for bed.

We were given a SPECIAL hot sauce recipe that we’ve enjoyed for years and were very fond of. Thank you Joel!! It came with many warnings.

I was tired (extremely), but I had the kitchen polluted and I had the Habs ready to be ground. I didn’t want to clean everything up only to pollute things again the next day and I was a bit behind on my work. The recipe stated that I only needed to simmer the mixture for 5 minutes and there were no warnings on this part of the recipe.

Momma Trayer stayed up with me and suddenly we both started suffering from burning eyes and a bit of a struggle catching our breath. Next we heard the Mountain Boy coughing and also appearing to struggle catching his breath.

We quickly opened up all the windows and then my Mountain Man sat straight up in our bed in the loft. He too was suffering from burning eyes and the inability to catch a full breath.

He came downstairs with a smile on his face and said “Yep, that is definitely Joel’s Hot Sauce!”

Now the scary part is we evaded death #595, but this hot sauce is not completed. After all that the concoction needed to sit for two weeks prior to being reheated and canned. So we ask for your prayers this week while we complete the project!! 🙂

We may share the recipe upcoming if we are granted the opportunity to share the recipe. Otherwise we could be opening ourselves up for another near death experience for sharing a family secret!!

This post is dedicated to Joel and Jody. Jody, you missed this near death experience and Joel, thanks for sharing your recipe….

Our log guest cabin was built by hand in 4 weeks

Yes…  4 weeks and our guest cabin went from only 9 concrete pillars to housing two guests here in the wilderness.  Now this is not just any cabin, but a hand crafted log cabin!  It was quite the rush, but it turned out AMAZING.  Glen used traditional tools to construct the cabin.  He also used chisels that he fabricated on the forge.  We love our traditional lifestyle we live and enjoy sharing it with you.  It would be a crime if these traditional skills were to be lost over time so we also enjoy sharing our knowledge.

On Tuesday the 9th of October my (wonderful) mother-in-law and I picked up two of our friends at the airport.  While we were at the airport Glen and my (wonderful) father-in-law were scurrying to put the finishing touches and door on the cabin.  Nothing like cutting it close….  Cutting it so close that when we returned with our friends we quickly pulled a diversion and the guys unloaded from one truck and quickly loaded up in the other truck and headed out to the shooting range to get their guns sighted in while Glenna and I rushed down to the cabin for the cleanup…  WE DID IT!!  Again might I add….

The inside is warm (literally thanks to the propane heater provided by my parents), welcoming and cozy.

The cabin is completed with the exception of 3 corners that still need to be trimmed up.

 Glen handcrafted the front door just the way he did the rest of the cabin.  He also made the hinges on the forge.

We truly need to start pacing ourselves a bit more….  We had things spaced nicely this summer, but you know how when you don’t want things to go wrong they do…. 🙂  The chicken coop, rabbit hutch, Austin’s 10′ x 10′ tree house and tree stand and the cabin are completed…  And without the 1st project we couldn’t have done any of it….  The 1st project was the sawmill that Glen fabricated.

In addition – we couldn’t have done all these projects this year without all the extra hands that we were blessed with….

Our crew consisted of Austin, Glen’s cousin Jonathan, our friend from church – Josh and not pictured were Glen’s cousin Christopher who had to head back home to start the new school year and his friend Jody from GA who had to hit the road with his work.  We were very blessed with the extra hands that helped get the job done…

Thanks to everyone for the prayers as they were much appreciated.  Also thank you to everyone for following our adventures and craziness….  We look forward to sharing more of our adventures upcoming….  Winter is on it’s way and we LOVE winter here…  We will be sure to share the cabin in all it’s winter beauty while nestled in the tall pines and the puffy white snow….


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Mexican Wildflower

Dedicated to a hero… We are proud…

On July 16th, a 69 year old male left the hospital after undergoing some treatments and suffered an unfortunate medical problem on his way home that led to a two car crash.

Our hero came to a stop sign and when looking both ways found two cars on their roofs and no one else in site.  He quickly reacted and found the occupants of the 1st car he came to shaken, but ok.  When he arrived at the 2nd car he found the 69 year old driver turning blue.  The driver was wearing his seat belt which fortunately protected him during the crash, but was now ironically threatening his life as he hung upside down and was being strangled by the belt.

Our hero was a retired EMT, but he is also loved and appreciated for his kind and caring heart.  He is a true Christian, a man’s man and would take the shirt off his back to help another.

Because of his quick actions and after crawling into the vehicle several times in efforts to free the man while still protecting his neck, he was able to successfully free the man.  He stayed with the man and kept his neck still until the paramedics were able to free him from the car.

It wasn’t until he received a phone call days later from the Point Township Police Department that it was brought to his attention that there was a live power line down and the car that he had entered several times to free the driver was leaking gas.

On August 14th, our hero, Poppa Trayer was awarded a Citizen Commendation by the Point Township Police for his heroism.

This story has brought tears to my eyes every time I think about it because of the amazing hand of grace that was on these two men on July 16th.  I also think of the amazing act that Poppa Trayer performed that day and how he saved a man, a husband, a father and a grandfather for someone else.  You can’t help but to think, if the tables were turned and this was your loved one in this situation, would a passerby stop and save them??

So many people today just drive by people along side the road, by accidents and so often are unaware of ambulances do to loud music, phones and being preoccupied.

We are very proud and also very thankful that God had his hand on Poppa Trayer on the 16th of July.  Poppa Trayer you mean the world to us and we love you dearly!  (tears)

So when you are driving down the road and you see someone stopped along side the road or an accident – if you don’t feel comfortable stopping (if you are a woman – today you do have to be careful) be sure to call 911 and if you pay more attention to the ambulances on the roads because someday it could be your family inside that is in dire need of special attention.


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My MacGyver

Remember the show that started airing back in 1985 entitled MacGyver?  You know the fella that could turn a piece of junk into some useful thing. ~ Mountain Man in the smithy

Well I have my own MacGyver and I have so much faith in him that I truly believe he could make a gun out of a paper clip!! 🙂  Seriously!!!








I am very blessed to have such a man in my life.  He is a truly loving Husband and my best friend, a good Dad,

Mountain Man & Mountain Boy
Sword making project in the Smithy

a strong and protective leader of our family, a man’s man – true to his word and would give the shirt off his back, a true cowboy,

My Mountain Man
doing some Self Reliance Training

survivalist and a mechanical genius.  I love my man and I am proud of him and I am comforted by his talents.

I love watching him work, build and manufacture things.  It is truly amazing how he gets ideas in his head and without transferring them to paper he is off and working on them.   Now also keep in mind that he doesn’t just slap these things together, they are meticulously crafted.  This Summer alone I watched him build a sawmill from ground up, build a 10′ x 10′ tree house for our son, our chicken coop, a rabbit hutch, but the awing part is he fine tunes and adds such unique things.  His mind amazes me! ~ laying boxes for the chickens ~ Exterior access to the laying boxes on the chicken coop ~ Chicken Coop ~ Mountain Man built tree house ~ Mountain Man built a tree house – view of the front ~ Mountain Man built tree house with dutch doors for good ventilation

Yesterday he manufactured parts to re-position the muffler and the oil filter on our sawmill. It is just amazing to watch him work, to see how his mind just wraps around things and how is just able to make things happen.  I am very grateful for his talents and when he sees a piece of scrap metal or junk and his eyes sparkle I know there is a project in the making. ~ Mountain Man knife from a railroad spike ~ Mountain Man made pot rack for our cast iron ~ Mountain Man made chisels on the forge ~ Mountain Man made trapping shovel ~ Mountain Man designs piveting solar mount ~ Mountain Man & Mountain Boy build log smokehouse ~ Mountain Man with a good days catch trapping ~ Mountain Man smokehouse – check out the door – LOVE IT! ~ Mountain Man cooking traditionally

Today is dedicated to my Man and many prayers of thanks have been sent above for blessings me with such a man!!

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A little taste of God’s country…

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a proverb. It means that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring.

Well, we are never bored and I believe those that know us best would plea to differ that we are boring…, but all work and no play is neither fun nor healthy SO….

We chose to take our cousin’s out adventuring away from our work camp so they could see a bit of northern Idaho. Smile

IMG_7197     IMG_7225

We ventured on out to a beautiful place called Crystal Lake.  The drive alone to the top of the mountain was breath taking and made us all grateful that we were not amongst the loggers that need to drive these very steep and narrow roads with absolutely no mercy.  The views were amazing seeing mountain upon mountain.   We are not trail hikers.  When our feet typically hit a trail we quickly find a way to escape the trails as if there is fire under our feet.  We are always the explorers hitting the unbeaten path in search of the terrain that has not seen human life in a long time.  There is so much to see out in the wilderness and we choose not to miss anything, but this trip was a bit different.  A friend shared their stories of their hike to Crystal Lake and it sounded like a place (although there were trails) worth checking out.  We hiked 2.5 miles in to Crystal Lake which is nestled near the top of the mountain.  It is said to be a glacier lake.  We were hiking in 90 degree temperatures and there was still snow at the top of the mountains above the lake.  It was a pretty scene, but our phobia of trails kicked in upon leaving and we ditched the trail and headed to the top of the mountain to hike the ridge back to the truck.  What a FANTASTIC hike!!

Many memories were made that day.  We thoroughly enjoy our opportunities to go exploring and to see what God has ahead for us on our next adventure….

We gave up the TV 7 years ago and don’t miss it,…. Not even a little, because our time is spent in the outdoors – adventuring, working, living and totally and completely enjoying our surroundings…  Take some time in the outdoors and see what you are missing….     Blessings…

IMG_7240  IMG_7244  IMG_7237  IMG_7223


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The 1st of the animals have arrived…

Well I can finally say, “Welcome to our wilderness zoo – caution all the animals are out of their cages!” And this time I am not referring to us!!  🙂

The chicken coop was finished yesterday and we drove north to pick up 8 chickens, a rooster and a lone ginny rooster.  We have an additional 19 or more chicks waiting to be picked up as well.    We will have a full coop which will be such a blessing to help fill the need for 8 dozen eggs a week to feed this hungry crew! 🙂

Now just for fun – I have been naming the chickens.  I grew up on a farm and my Mother named ALL of our animals and her house plants for that matter.  It is safe to say, this has stuck with me.  Now my husband grew up on a farm too.  It just so happened that the farm he grew up on was one of the largest chicken farms in central Pennsylvania.  So he is a little dumbfounded to say the least that I would have any interest in naming these chickens and even more baffled by the fact that they are getting “people” names.

In my opinion,  life is short and without a good sense of humor you may as well throw in the towel.  It is meant to be fun and I enjoy doing whatever makes me smile!  My husband is truly the same way, but he just couldn’t wrap his head around this one…. 🙂

I thought for sure the chickens would take a couple days to get acclimated, but 5 am Ray the Rooster was crowing and we got two eggs today.  I had one for lunch with some fresh tomatoes.

Today, thanks to all our Facebook friends I believe we named the Ginny Rooster Gus.  He looks like a Gus.  Last night, Gus was the last bird to be gathered and he wasn’t caring much for being rounded up.  When he was just about caught, he once again escaped the hands that held him.  In an effort to find a place to land and I being the closest thing, he chose my head to land on.  We will see where Gus and I go from here.. 🙂

This is just the beginning for us…  Our biggest goal was to get our house built initially.  This year it was getting the boy’s tree house, chicken coop and greenhouse built.  Being able to live off-grid is an amazing thing, but to be totally self sufficient along with being off-grid is over the top.  Life is good and God keeps open up new doors for us.


Matthew 19:26 “..with God all things are possible.”

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