A little taste of God’s country…

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a proverb. It means that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring. Well, we are never bored and I believe those that know us best would plea to differ that we are boring…, but all work and no play […]

The 1st of the animals have arrived…

Well I can finally say, “Welcome to our wilderness zoo – caution all the animals are out of their cages!” And this time I am not referring to us!!  🙂 The chicken coop was finished yesterday and we drove north to pick up 8 chickens, a rooster and a lone ginny rooster.  We have an […]

Spring Mushroom Foraging

Note:  Disregard the Mountain Woman hands…  And our recommendation is NOT to go mushroom foraging unless you are with someone who knows their mushrooms or you have been previously educated.  A bad mushroom (many good mushrooms have an evil twin) will cause you to meet your maker. Ok, for those of you that are not […]

1st it was 3 and a dog… then 4 and now 6…

The Wilderness Gang       All hands on deck…. We started out as 3 with our furry son and in March of 2012 we were joined by one of Glen’s good friends from GA other wise know as Schultz.  He is staying with us indefinitely and has been a huge help in providing an […]

Today’s reflections… Less is more and old is better…

Our family is very blessed to be in a location that often times we are unable to leave due to various weather conditions. In addition, I have a profession that allows us to stay back here sometimes weeks at a time without having to enter today’s society. Some may think we are becoming hermits, but […]

Is Spring here?

Although Spring is much anticipated here in the Northern Idaho Wilderness, how can we deny the beauty of the wilderness around us?      We have many projects ahead of us this Spring so we are anxiously awaiting it’s arrival this year.  We have had some really BEAUTIFUL days that have teased us greatly because […]

9.7.11 – A determined effort to catch up

This post is for Sue Allison and Megan Shetterly….  It is nice to know that people are checking our blog for updates and missing our news.    We got in the house and real life took over.. Important update…  There is officially no snow on the ground in Northern Idaho!!  Really!!!  I have to get my […]

36” of snow yesterday and it has been snowing ALL day!!

Well we have hunkered down for winter…  YEAH!!!!  This Thursday it will be 4 weeks that we have been back here and unable to leave via the truck.    We have left 5 times on the snowmobile and right now the snow is almost too deep to continue using the snowmobile and we are expected […]


WOW!!  We are doing it…  We are living our dream…  It is amazing and almost hard to comprehend that we are living extremely traditionally in the 21st Century…  It is hard to believe that we are residing in such a remote location, off grid and leaving here sometimes not for two weeks at a time…  […]