Trayer Wilderness Off-Grid Homestead Tour With Beyond Off Grid

Homesteading Traditionally Off-Grid Today ~ Preparedness & Survival For Tomorrow

It was a great honor and privilege to be a part of the Beyond Off Grid Summit/Webinars. As you all know, we feel very led to share our knowledge, skills and inspiration in these uncertain times. We decided to give you a tour of your homestead, show you around a bit and offer some tips […]

Emergency Release of a 330 Conibear using the Rope Trick

The Mountain Man took the time to show you how to get out of a 330 conibear in an emergency. You never know when you may need this knowledge.  Trapping alone can be very dangerous and sometimes we do not have choices in the matter so knowing such tricks could save your life out in […]

Setting 330 Conibear Traps with a Rope Trick

This is an oldie, but goodie and worth sharing! The Mountain Man shared in a previous trapping season how to set the 330 conibear traps with a rope trick.  It is definitely worth the time to watch and will safe you time.  Let us know what you think in the comments below….  Blessings.. Paid Endorsement […]

Trayer Fire Tool

Let me introduce you to our NEW tool that the Mountain Man along with our good friend Jamie Burleigh of,  and of Pathfinder TV designed. Here is a review of our product: Trayer Fire Tool Another multipurpose fire tool by the Mountain Man, Glen Trayer, but this time two heads were better than one when Jamie […]

Gathering Fatwood & What is Fatwood

For those seasoned outdoorsmen and women you are probably familiar with Fatwood.    For those of you unfamiliar with the term Fatwood or you see Fatwood sold in the stores and outdoor catalogs, but are unaware of what it really is, let us educate you. Fatwood is a piece of pine wood saturated in resin. […]

Yarns of the Cabin

Our family has decided to embrace a new series both here on our website as well as our YouTube channel.   We will be building a cabin utilizing a Wyoming Pack Saw, an axe, our MultiFlame Tool and our hands & brains that the good Lord provided.  We will be utilizing materials that we find […]

Our Traditional Log Cabin

In 2012, we had a very full schedule.  Who am I kidding?  We always have a full schedule, but in 2012 it was very tight and down to the wire. The Mountain Man built a sawmill.  We purchased some of the pieces for the sawmill from – if you contact them, please let them […]

Trayer Wilderness - Our Traditional Log Cabin

How to make homemade spikes and nails on the forge

Well the Mountain Man has been busy in his smithy!  Wait till you see all the REALLY cool stuff he’s made.  Some of his new creations will be added to our website store and others will be shared here with his how-to videos. Today’s video below will show you how to make homemade nails or […]

Check out the NEW Mountain Man Survival Paracord Net

After spending the night in the woods and making various new things on his trek he returned with a new idea in mind.  After perfecting it and utilizing it in MANY ways, we have added it to our store. Here are some videos he created this week to show you just a glimpse at what […]

Mountain Man Journals

Welcome to Mountain Man Journals at!   For those of you that have been following me at, our family experienced so much growth in 2013 that it required us to rethink things and in an effort to simplify, we found it necessary to put all our educational materials under one roof.    So […]

Mountain Man Journals at