52 Weeks of Wellness – Week 6 – Featuring Stress and How To Cope With It

So many people today suffer from STRESS.    My personal opinion is that a lot of this stems from the unbalance that our foods create in our system.   I also believe that there is a lot more pressure to perform, to keep the pace with the Jones’s and everyone believes they SHOULD be keeping […]

52 Weeks of Wellness – Week 5 – Featuring How To Calm Animals

I think it is safe to say that all our animals are as unique as our children, right? They have allergies, anxieties and even attitudes to mention a few…  Who agrees.. 🙂 Well today, I would like to talk about animals with feelings of anxiousness.  We have a wonderful blue healer.  He is an incredible […]

52 Weeks of Wellness – Week 4 – Featuring Udder Balm For Goats

We were super blessed to go from two Alpine milk goats in January to a total of 6 in just 3 days.    Our expecting goats each birthed 2 kids (Alpine Nubian mix) and it was quite an experience for us all.  The Mountain Boy cares for the goat’s so he was absolutely glowing to […]

Inflammation In Our Bodies

I am feeling so very blessed to finally be feeling like myself again!  It was a slow process, but I also did not get where I was overnight.  So many people are experiencing so many unfortunate health issues these days and it saddens me. I feel that so many of our struggles could be prevented […]

52 Weeks of Wellness – Week 2 – Featuring Natural Healing, a Neti Pot & a Hot Water Bottle

    Along with using your herbs, spices, tinctures, salves, teas and of course your essential oils is using some unique and very handy tools and equipment.  Here on our homestead there are some very important things that we feel worthy of being called necessities. Let me list a couple: a diffuser for our essential oils […]

52 Weeks of Wellness – Week 1

What Is An Essential Oil?

  Well I am about 10 weeks behind, but I am going to get us caught up REALLY fast…..  So hang on tight…..   Each week’s post will have tips and ideas on natural health which may be using teas, herbs or essential oils. This week I thought I would start off by educating on […]

Ladies, Are You Trying To Be Super Woman?

Disclaimer:   Before we get started, I need to provide you with a legal disclaimer that essential oils do not treat, cure, or heal medical diagnosis.   Please do not discontinue prescriptions or a medical professionals advice who is treating you, without consulting with them first.  We are not medical professionals, nutritionists, food scientists or experts […]