Gluten-Free Cookie Baking Tips + Recipes

Being in my kitchen and going after my family’s hearts via their stomach is a passion of mine. A gluten-free and dairy-free diet was recommended for my son thirteen years ago when he was diagnosed as high functioning autistic with Asperger tendencies. In all honesty, that put me into a tailspin when I started looking […]

Mountain Woman Radio

Mountain Woman Radio is available every Wednesday either on our website or iTunes. Mountain Woman Radio is  loaded with inspiration, encouragement and knowledge on self-reliance, preparedness, sustainability, homesteading, off-grid living, wilderness survival, day to day life, autism, traditional and primitive skills, gardening, canning and so much more.  Not to mention, there are guests from all […]

The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1

This e-book has been long awaited and I am SO excited to be able to finally present it to you!  We take great pride in our family, our lifestyle and God’s grace to us in everything that we do.  I have always wanted to write and ideally I wanted to write a book.  In 2013, […]

Solar Cooking 101

Can you really use the sun to cook your food?  Absolutely!! There are SO many incredible benefits to harnessing the sun to cook your food.  Being that our home is 100% solar powered, it only seemed fitting to utilize our free resource to do our cooking and baking as well.  Believe it or not, but you can cook and bake everything you can make in a conventional oven in your Sun Oven with the exception of fried foods. I spent a good portion of last year doing a solar cooking series here on our website and also on our […]

A Collection of Christmas Cookie Recipes – Featuring Mammy’s Sour Cream Cookies

Tis’ that time of year again….  WOW, where did 2014 go…  I am convinced that Idaho is in a warp time zone… I LOVE baking and one of the special benefits for me is that my Mountain Boy enjoys spending time with me in the kitchen helping…  Most kids would be in the kitchen to […]

A Collection of Cranberry Recipes – Featuring Our Trayer Wilderness Cranberry Chutney

Many of you know we love anything pumpkin, but along with pumpkin for me in anything cranberry!  Cranberries are SO good for you in SO many ways! The health benefits are incredible.  They are high in vitamin C  and other vitamins, minerals and fiber they are known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. They are […]

Got Turkey Leftovers?

Are you still eating leftover turkey?  Yeah, so are we… It is easy to get tired of turkey sandwiches so being creative can be a bit of a help in eliminating boring meals and still providing something healthy.  There is SO much you can do with leftover turkey. We make a turkey spread by grinding […]

A Collection of Pumpkin Recipes – Featuring our Immune Boosting Pumpkin Smoothie

As some of you may know, ANYTHING pumpkin is a favorite of the Mountain Boy and I!   We are always looking for new recipes to add to our ever growing list.  One of our family favorites, which I just recently shared at GNOWFGLINS is our Trayer Wilderness Pumpkin Roll.   The Mountain Man finds […]

How To Make Chicken Breasts in a Sun Oven

Here in the wilderness our meals consist mostly of venison, elk and this year we were blessed with moose,  but occasionally we are blessed with chicken, turkey and pork. I found some hormone free chicken breasts on sale and I love being able to cook them long and slow on low heat.  Today that is […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake in the Sun Oven – Solar Cooking Series

Oh how I LOVE the sun!  I am as solar powered as my home and now I have an All American Sun Oven to do all my summer cooking. As most of you know we are very frugal and try to eliminate as many extra expenses as possible.    So being able to cook with the […]