No-Bake Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

No-Bake Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Ok, I confess… It is nice to have a healthy sweet treat… There I said it!

I am on a no sugar diet, but every once in a great while I cheat…

The Importance Of Healthy Raw Ingredients

For most of you, you know that I utilize only organic, non-GMO raw ingredients in our mostly from-scratch diet and I have even taken that a step further when it comes to watching my sugar consumption. There are other great healthy and tasty alternatives to organic cane sugar. I utilize organic coconut sugar a lot in our kitchen and truly you do not forfeit the taste!

If you are making a healthy anything in your kitchen, the only way it is truly healthy is if the ingredients you are putting into it are the healthiest they can be! 

As you may also know, I go after the heart of my Men by means of their belly!

Yesterday, I decided along with our New Year’s meal that a sweet treat was in order and I decided something quick and simple was our favorite no bake recipe.

No Bake Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

1 stick of butter (non-dairy Earth Balance)                      1 cup organic coconut sugar
3 tbsp cocoa                                                                    1 cup organic chocolate non-dairy chips
1/2 cup evaporated milk (organic cashew milk)

Mix together and bring to a boil. Boil 1 minute or until all ingredients are melted together.

Note: I put the cashew milk in the pan first to boil a bit to get extra water out to create my own evaporated milk and then I add the other ingredients.

Then add 1/2 cup Earth Balance peanut butter, 3 cups organic gluten-free quick oats and 1 tsp vanilla.

Drop by tsp or tbsp on non-bleached parchment paper and then refrigerate.

These are a quick, simple and healthy snack for the whole family!

What are your favorite quick and easy desserts?

Sun Baked Wild Turkey

Sun Baked Wild Turkey

Wow! Are we ever crazy busy trying to finish our home so we can sell it and we are also preparing to build a new tiny home all before winter! Yikes – what a rush and wild ride!  We are attempting to do 6 months worth of work in 2!

I have been educating and sharing our journey on both Facebook Live and also on Patreon so if you have been missing out, please be sure to pop over to either to see what all we have going on…  We are also posting on YouTube regularly too, but our behind the scenes things are being shared on Patreon.

I am SO thankful for the resource of the sun for both power for our home and cooking my meals outside (keeping my house cool) on these hot summer days!

Today, I have wild turkey cooking in the Solavore Sport. I always say that wild game is best when cooked on a low heat for a long time… What better way to cook it and it doesn’t cost me a penny for fuel of any kind.

Cooking in a sun oven for meals is like cooking in a slow cooker. Your baked goods such as bread, brownies, cakes, etc do need to be timed or watched more carefully, but a meal put out in the early morning is perfect by dinner time!

Game meats end up tasty, juicy and tender when cooked long and on a low heat.

I can’t remember the last time I used a recipe for a meal. I typically just throw things together as I did this morning.

In a 9” x 13” glass baking dish I added the turkey leg and thigh, half the breast and the gizzard to the dish. Seasoned it very heavily and then added 3 tsps of bacon grease and enough water to fill the pan 1/4 of the way full. Placed it in the sun oven and off to my work I went. I will take the time to move the Solavore sun oven with the sun throughout the day, but I will be leaving to run errands. When I leave I will move the sun oven a bit further ahead of the sun so it will continue cooking while I am gone.

It is that easy folks… And you will not find an easier resource. We live in northern Idaho which is part of the Pacific Northwest which is known for its hot dry summers which end up with a lot of forest fires each year. Even when fire bans are on we are able to cook outside with the sun ovens.  Also, don’t rule out the winter months… Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean that the sun can’t create a warm enough heat in a sun oven to cook a meal.

I own both the Solavore Sport and the All American Sun Oven and honestly I LOVE them both equally. They both are utilized differently because of their different designs. I LOVE the Solavore Sport because is rectangular which enables me to cook in my mini roasters, in my 9” x 13” or put two 9” x 9” baking dishes or pie dishes side by side. The disadvantage to the Solavore Sport is that you cannot stack in it and that is where the All American Sun Oven comes in. I LOVE it because I can stack meals in it and still have room to put one or more quart jars which enable me to also cook my sides such as a vegetable or another side or dessert! Truly, I really love having them both on the homestead.

We are very frugal and make a lot of what we use and need, but I am also very honest and I feel that there are times where an investment is necessary. When we invest in anything it has to be a quality product and something of GREAT use on our homestead or we do not and will not part with our hard earned $$. I have a couple of items on our homestead that are a bit more spendy like my Wondermill electric and Jr Deluxe, but they are well made and play a VERY important role on our homestead.

I am a big believer in Dave Ramsey and his methods and I would encourage you to set money aside and make such purchases when you have saved up enough money to do so, but trust me when I say you will not be disappointed!

Gotta run now to keep up with the homestead chores and to turn the wild turkey in the Solavore Sport.

Have a blessed day and I highly encourage you to utilize the free resources we have at our disposal!

Free Bread Baking 101 Course!

Free Bread Baking 101 Course!

If you’re afraid to get started with baking bread or struggle with getting a good loaf of bread then this course will help you.

You’ll learn common terms and tips and tricks.

I also touch on ways to be able to eat bread on a Paleo and Ketogenic diet! Bet you didn’t even know that was possible.

And of course, I talk about how to make a gluten-free bread.   And other important aspects of cooking gluten-free in a kitchen that does both the traditional wheat style bread and gluten-free bread.

I’ll take you thru step-by-step as I make three delicious loaves of bread.

Won’t you join me? You’ve nothing to lose and knowledge to gain.

Register Here – Free Bread Baking 101 Course


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Gluten-Free Cookie Baking Tips + Recipes

Gluten-Free Cookie Baking Tips + Recipes

Being in my kitchen and going after my family’s hearts via their stomach is a passion of mine.

A gluten-free and dairy-free diet was recommended for my son thirteen years ago when he was diagnosed as high functioning autistic with Asperger tendencies. In all honesty, that put me into a tailspin when I started looking at all the labels of the food we consumed at that time and realized how much gluten and dairy are used as fillers in food along with many ingredients I could not pronounce and had no clue what they were.

That was when I decided that if I could not pronounce it, we likely shouldn’t be eating it and it was also the time when I started to transition to all home-cooked food rather than processed foods. What a life changer!

At first cooking and baking gluten-free and dairy-free was quite the challenge until I really dug in experimenting and researching. I also spent a whole year taking the time to learn how to make all my son’s favorite foods both gluten-free and dairy-free WITHOUT giving up flavor and texture. I have to say with great excitement, that year was a success and that is why I enjoy sharing my knowledge and tips with others so their journey will be successful and fun.

I love making my families favorite dishes and a sweet treat always seem to be high on the list. I have conquered a gluten-free and dairy-free pumpkin roll which is a family favorite and you can find the recipe in my book The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook (Homesteading The Traditional Way) Amazon. You will also find some of our favorite cookie recipes in the cookbook as well. My cookbook shares a lot of the tips and tricks I have discovered and learned over the years as well as our favorite recipes for our homestead.

Choosing Flour

Let’s first talk about some of the tips and tricks when working with gluten-free flours. Unlike regular flours, gluten-free flours like being beaten very vigorously. There are many different types of gluten-free flours and flour blends available.

When we first started this journey, gluten-free foods and flours that were available were quite expensive and even hard to find, but now as many more people are in need of specialty diets these flours are much more readily available. Because things can be costly to experiment with the different types of flours I often recommend using blended flour such as these Gluten-free flour blends (found on Amazon) to get started. This is a non-GMO flour blend that can be used cup-for-cup like regular flour which makes using family favorite recipes a breeze and also makes transitioning from whole wheat and gluten flour cooking and baking to gluten-free so much easier and less stressful for beginners.

When using a gluten-free flour blend that you can use cup-for-cup like regular flour, you will not need to make any adjustments to your current favorite cookie, cake or dessert recipes.


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Mountain Woman Radio

Mountain Woman Radio

Mountain Woman Radio - Tammy Trayer

Mountain Woman Radio is available every Wednesday either on our website or iTunes.

Mountain Woman Radio is  loaded with inspiration, encouragement and knowledge on self-reliance, preparedness, sustainability, homesteading, off-grid living, wilderness survival, day to day life, autism, traditional and primitive skills, gardening, canning and so much more.  Not to mention, there are guests from all walks of life joining frequently to share their stories.

Not everyone is able to listen to podcasts due to poor internet connections and such, therefore,  we have created cd’s so that you can listen at your convenience as well as gift them if you feel so inclined.

Mountain Woman Radio Christmas

Mountain Woman Radio Season 1


Mountain Woman Radio Christmas  


Mountain Woman Radio Season 2

The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1

The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1

the-trayer-wilderness-cookbook-volume-1-final-smThis e-book has been long awaited and I am SO excited to be able to finally present it to you!  We take great pride in our family, our lifestyle and God’s grace to us in everything that we do.  I have always wanted to write and ideally I wanted to write a book.  In 2013, God had a different plan for me and I was given an open door to contribute our story and our knowledge in The New Pioneer Magazine.  That was such an amazing opportunity and I had no idea that it would lead to SO much more.  We even ended up on the cover of the magazine that my first article debuted in!  Wow!!

Since 2013, I am now a contributing writer for The New Pioneer Magazine, American Frontiersman, Prepare Magazine, The Backwoodsman Magazine, Self Reliance Illustrated, Survivor’s Edge and occasionally in Cabin Life Magazine.  This has been such an amazing opportunity and has allowed me to reach so many people with our message.  We feel very led to share our knowledge in these uncertain times.  We focus very heavily on sharing our faith-filled off-grid living, traditional and primitive skills, natural health, wholefoods diets, gluten-free and casein free diet, harvesting, foraging, preserving, hunting, autism, living frugally & simply and so much more

We focus so heavily on a wholefoods diet, which initially started with the gluten-free and casein-free diet to help aid our son’s autism, but it has turned into a passion as well because we can see and feel the difference such a diet has on our overall well-being.  Processed foods have so many additives and preservatives that are causing many of today’s health struggles.  By simply cooking from scratch and eating a wholefoods diet you can remedy many of your ailments.

My cookbook is 72 pages our family’s favorite recipes, my tips and tricks in the kitchen as well as with essential oils in the kitchen, my knowledge on gluten-free and dairy-free cooking and Sun Oven cooking along with so much more.

I have made this book available to our very valuable newsletter subscribers for FREE!  This is in an effort to help people embrace a wholefoods diet and to help them along the way.  If you are NOT currently a newsletter subscriber, we encourage you to join us by subscribing here.   If, however, you are not interested in being a part of our weekly newsletter, you are welcome to purchase yourself a copy or even purchase one for a gift.  You can do so directly below!

I hope you enjoy my 1st cookbook and I also hope that you are able to glean some new knowledge and tips along the way!

I would love to hear from you….  Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on my book….

Purchase Here

The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1.

Here is what some of my friend’s had to say….


I was delighted with Trayer Wilderness’ new cookbook.   I don’t usually read a cookbook through, but I did this one. Tammy puts herself in the book and you feel like your visiting with a friend talking about your kitchens and your recipes.   The tips are timeless and the recipes are easily adaptable to any lifestyle. I enjoy all things old fashioned and easy. This cookbook is a treasure! I couldn’t pick just one thing to say I’m looking forward to making the most, but I will say I’m excited to use some of my pumpkins to try out her pumpkin recipes.”
– Rhonda Crank, freelance writer and blogger at The Farmer’s Lamp


Tammy Trayer is the real deal. Tammy, her husband and son really do walk their talk, live the wilderness life and have a deep passion to help others in their journey. In this cookbook, Tammy shares some of her best tips and recipes that cover cooking, baking, canning, essential oils, gluten-free, casein-free foods and imparts them all in her easy, unassuming and personable style. I love her recipes and have learned more about living off-grid, using a wood stove to cook as well as enjoying a peek inside her inspiring life on the homestead. I recommend this book to those seeking to cook and bake more simply, those needing allergy-friendly recipes or just those of us looking for some GREAT recipes and tips from someone who has learned and honed her skills by experience.
– Vickilynn Haycraft, author, Wrapping It Up, co-author of Naturally Healthy Cuisine: Real Food for Real Families, and


Your book was AWESOME! I grew up cooking with my great grandmother and both my grandmothers and you taught me a thing or two with your book. I can’t wait to try Hot Bacon Dressing, Trayer Wilderness Crackers, and Hard Honey Candy! My only complaint is the book wasn’t LONGER 🙂
– April Lewis, author of Beginner’s Guide To Zero Waste Cooking: Blogger at An Apple A Day Wisdom – Timeless Wisdom From A Single Mom In A Crazy World –


What a great primer for anyone who is wanting to go back to a traditional way of living and cooking! Everything you need to get started cooking is in this book, including lots of tips & tricks from Tammy on how to save time and money. From breakfasts to snacks to desserts, you can easily create menus the whole family will love using her delicious recipes. She even shows you how to cook using the power of the Sun. Something many of us are not familiar with! If you’re looking for a solid resource for your homesteading library, this is a must-have.
– Jessica Espinoza, author, Keeping It Real and Keeping Your Cool, co-author of Gluten-Free Snacks & 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts and Blogger at Delicious Obsessions –

Blessings to you and yours,

Tam ♥ †