Free Bread Baking 101 Course!

If you’re afraid to get started with baking bread or struggle with getting a good loaf of bread then this course will help you. You’ll learn common terms and tips and tricks. I also touch on ways to be able to eat bread on a Paleo and Ketogenic diet! Bet you didn’t even know that […]

Solar Cooking 101

Can you really use the sun to cook your food?  Absolutely!! There are SO many incredible benefits to harnessing the sun to cook your food.  Being that our home is 100% solar powered, it only seemed fitting to utilize our free resource to do our cooking and baking as well.  Believe it or not, but you can cook and bake everything you can make in a conventional oven in your Sun Oven with the exception of fried foods. I spent a good portion of last year doing a solar cooking series here on our website and also on our […]

Got Turkey Leftovers?

Are you still eating leftover turkey?  Yeah, so are we… It is easy to get tired of turkey sandwiches so being creative can be a bit of a help in eliminating boring meals and still providing something healthy.  There is SO much you can do with leftover turkey. We make a turkey spread by grinding […]

Fresh Bread on a Wood Stove

My family and I greatly enjoy our winters in Idaho. It gets snowy and cold, but the snow stays around and the cold is a crisp cold — not a bone-chilling cold with heavy humidity, like we were used to when we lived on the East Coast. We look forward to the snowshoe hikes, the […]

Bacon Buttermilk Skillet Cornbread

With our traditional off-grid lifestyle, it’s only fitting that our Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays follow suit. Our families are 2,500 miles away, so we’ve created new traditions of our own while still holding tight to old traditions. I would love to share some of those traditions with you (including a recipe for bacon buttermilk skillet […]

Gluten Free Goat’s Milk Whey Bread

Living traditionally as we do, I make a lot of breads and goodies.  I was making mozzarella cheese and found a recipe for making bread from the whey that is a by product of making the cheese. Typically, I had been giving it to our chickens as an added nutritional boost, but when I found […]

Trayer Wilderness Chocolate Almond Biscotti

Another one of our favorite recipes back here in the wilderness.   I use Xylitol (coconut sugar), Stevia, Sucanat or organic sugar and it is really a low sugar and high protein treat. We have also added our very own FRESH honey to our list of sweetners! This recipe permeates such amazing aromas through my house! […]

How to make yeast bread, kaiser rolls & banana nut bread

Out here in the wilderness I have a hard working crew of three men and myself.  When you return inside from a hard days work we are typically quite hungry.  My men are “BIG” eaters.  Did I say BIG? So keeping up with the demand can be tricky.  It requires planning on my part since […]

How to make pizza dough

With our traditional lifestyle we greatly enjoy incorporating traditions of the past as well as creating our own.  Friday’s are typically pizza night in the wilderness and I thought I would invite you along. Normally, we make both a gluten free pizza and a regular wheat pizza, but since the Mountain Boy is in Pennsylvania […]

Mountain Woman Maple Nut Granola

It is a BEAUTIFUL spring day here in northern Idaho today.  The air smells good, the sun is shining and the house has the aroma of wonderful things being made. One of the best part of my lifestyle is the “Simple Pleasure” I receive from my “Labors of Love”.   I tend to go after […]