Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins or Muffin Cake

I absolutely LOVE fresh fruits and vegetables.  I found an amazing deal on blueberries and I stocked up.   I have 4 – one gallon bags in the freezer for this winter, made a fruit salad and was heading in the direction of blueberry muffins and decided to convert the recipe to a muffin cake. […]

Wilderness Pumpkin Skillet Cake ~ GFCF

Well, it was Memorial Day and we were in the woods spending the day as a family panning for gold!  What a wonderful way to spend the day and what fun…  Especially when you find a little fleck here and a little fleck there…  I will be posting my photos from our day panning at […]

Trayer Wilderness Chocolate Almond Biscotti

Another one of our favorite recipes back here in the wilderness.   I use Xylitol (coconut sugar), Stevia, Sucanat or organic sugar and it is really a low sugar and high protein treat. We have also added our very own FRESH honey to our list of sweetners! This recipe permeates such amazing aromas through my house! […]

Hot day… Cold and minty treat….

Our family was blessed with this AMAZING recipe thanks to my wonderful friend, Julianne Primer ( who introduced me to her wonderful friend Enola Gay (  I LOVE new connections and new recipes.  Both of these ladies live off-grid and just like ourselves – very traditionally and as self reliant as possible. This is a […]