Crackers, Crackers and More Crackers….

With the Mountain Boy being on a gluten free and casein free diet.  We choose to make everything from scratch.  EVERYTHING!! Something that he actually requested this weekend was homemade crackers.  Now when I make anything I tend to do what I call DOCTOR it up…  I am always experimenting and adding different things.  So […]

How to make simple & tasty goats milk cheese

Well,  most of you know that we have taken on something new here in the wilderness with our milk goats in an effort to aid our Mountain Boy with milk, cheese and all things dairy while still being on the gluten free and casein free diet. Goats milk casein (milk fat) is different than that […]

Trayer Wilderness Chocolate Almond Biscotti

Another one of our favorite recipes back here in the wilderness.   I use Xylitol (coconut sugar), Stevia, Sucanat or organic sugar and it is really a low sugar and high protein treat. We have also added our very own FRESH honey to our list of sweetners! This recipe permeates such amazing aromas through my house! […]

Mountain Woman Maple Nut Granola

It is a BEAUTIFUL spring day here in northern Idaho today.  The air smells good, the sun is shining and the house has the aroma of wonderful things being made. One of the best part of my lifestyle is the “Simple Pleasure” I receive from my “Labors of Love”.   I tend to go after […]

Wilderness Maple Roasted Almonds

Ok…  I stated this week that breads baking in the oven was truly one of the best comfort smells within a home and now I think I found a close 2nd… A great healthy simple treat that is extremely addicting and easy to make. Wilderness Maple Roasted Almonds #ratingval# from #reviews# reviews Print Recipe Type: […]