Book Review – Simply Canning: Survival Guide to Safe Home Canning

For those of you that have read my other canning posts or watched my canning videos on our YouTube channel you are familiar with and my dear friend Sharon Peterson. I not only have the wonderful opportunity to communicate with her online, but I had the privilege to meet up with her here in […]

How We Preserve Food

Here in the wilderness, food preservation is on the top of the list. As most of you know, we live off-grid with 100% solar in the northern Idaho wilderness.  We utilize age old techniques and traditions in all we do and preserving our food for our pantry and canning shelves is no different.   We […]

What’s Your Threat? Our Threats Are Many, But Our Worries Are None…

What’s Your Threat? What’s the biggest threat to you and your family? Check out some amazing blogs and how they attack their biggest threats to being more prepared and more self-reliant! I was very excited to opt-in with a bunch of my wonderful peers to write about “What’s Your Threat?” and I have to say […]

Near Death #595 by Hot Sauce

Well it was quite the experience! Let me tell you 1st about the hours leading up to the event. We had guests, many… We’ve been entertaining many different people this year, but this day Glen’s Mom and Dad were joining us. It was a crazy day spent doing many things and one of which was […]

Trayer Wilderness Homemade Chili Sauce & Salsa

Putting up food for the winter is so rewarding.  It definitely takes time, but it feels good, traditional and reminiscent to me of times as a child spent with my Mom and my Grandparents.  With our food choices today, the chemicals and preservatives added to everything and the prices, it gives me great pride to […]

Spring Mushroom Foraging

Note:  Disregard the Mountain Woman hands…  And our recommendation is NOT to go mushroom foraging unless you are with someone who knows their mushrooms or you have been previously educated.  A bad mushroom (many good mushrooms have an evil twin) will cause you to meet your maker. Ok, for those of you that are not […]