2012 Elk and Deer Season has come to a close…

Well our hunting season has come to a close for 2012, but the Mountain Man is hot and heavy into the 2012 trapping.

We had an eventful hunting season and one with many memories to hang onto.  I got to spend an afternoon out with my Mountain Man.  At the time I was still in pursuit of a buck so I spent the afternoon feverishly watching 5 or 6 doe meandering in and out of the woods in a field about 200 yards away.  Would have had so many perfect shots as they stood broad side most of the afternoon.  It made for an exciting hunt though as I eagerly burned wholes in the scope looking for the buck to enter the field.  No such luck that day, but the view from my tree stand was a good one….  1st was my Mountain Man and 2nd was the beautiful wilderness view.

 Mountain Woman Journals ~ The View from the Stand

I was glad I held out because the doe that I did shoot was a mighty nice size.  She still eats well and I am more about filling the freezer.  Maybe next year.

Mountain Woman Journals ~ 2012 Doe

The Mountain Man, his cousin & his dad were able to all tag nice buck…  The Mountain Boy had several opportunities to tag some doe, but he held out in hopes of his buck.

Mountain Man Journals ~ 2012 4 x 4 buck  Mountain Woman Journals ~ 2012 hunting season

The Mountain Boy and I had a really good time out in the woods on the last day of deer season and had a very unusual thing occur while we were out.  We were walking in a wooded section of the wilderness and kicked up a deer to our right.  We weren’t certain whether it was a buck or a doe, but it headed in the direction of an open grass area.  So we turned back and headed to the opening to see if by chance the deer would surface so that he would have a shot.  We stuck around there for a while, but didn’t see anything.  We turned and started heading in the direction that we were originally heading and for whatever reason I led the way.   Since it would be better for the boy to be leading the way I slowly turned around and what I saw awed me….  Not 10 yards behind the boy was a spike buck hunkerin’ down and following behind him.  It was the funniest thing I had ever seen.   So I slowed and the boy slowed and the spike buck  veered into the woods.  We waited hoping it would show itself in front of us, but suddenly, whether it finally saw us, smelled us or we just made it uncomfortable it spun and ran off the direction it came never giving us a shot.  I continue to see that vision in my head with my boy and that spike buck in the same line of sight.  It was something to see and a real shame that he didn’t get a shot.

We spent the remainder of the day in pursuit of a deer to which we never saw so he is left to dream about what he may see next year.