New Beginnings

New Beginnings

2019 is here!

2018 went SO very fast, it is hard to believe another year is passed! We are thankful for the new year though for a New Beginning!

New Beginnings is our theme for the new year. We embraced 2018 focusing on Living With Intention. Living by our terms and remembering much clearer why we embarked on this off-grid journey in the first place.

Our year was a rough year for our family as it may have been for you and yours too. It is easy to get tired, weary and even lose faith while you go through rough times, but I hope as we walked this year together that you gained hope, perseverance and were encouraged when we wouldn’t give up and kept our focus on the Lord! You know each day is a gift, right?!
We are gifted daily with a New Beginning and we need to remember that when we do get knocked down that we just need to get up, brush ourselves off, keep moving forward and always looking up!

Despite going through a rough spot, having a heart and mind focused on gratitude can make the world of difference. When you keep your eyes focused on the daily blessings and keep your thoughts, minds and self-talk monitored so that a negative can quickly be corrected and replaced with something positive your world and life will change! Initially, it may not be easy, but as time goes on I think you will see how easy it really is! This is the perfect time of year to look back over a gratitude journal to remember all the amazing things that happened throughout the year! If you don’t currently use a gratitude journal I would like to encourage you to start for 2019 because it will be an aid for your New Beginning!

Here are my means of setting goals:

  1. Think longterm. Visualize what your life looks like one year, 5 years and 10 years from now.
  2. Break your long-term goals into short-term goals and set a timeline to achieve them.
  3. Take small, doable actions toward achieving them every day.
  4. Re-evaluate often. Don’t be afraid to change course, make new goals or even scrap old goals if they no longer fit your longterm vision for your future. If things aren’t working it is perfectly ok to change the angle of attack.
  5. Keep moving forward no matter what. Don’t look at the entire staircase and certainly, DON’T look back. Just look forward at the next step, and take it.
  6. If you fall down or face setbacks, get back up and start again from wherever you are. As long as you keep moving forward in the direction of your goals so much as you can, you WILL eventually hit your mark. Be persistent & resilient. Remember the sky is the limit and planning + action equals anything you set your mind to!
  7. Having an accountability partner or app is a great tool and way to keep us on course.

Every day is a gift and a new chance to start over and get it right, but a new year offers new hope in ways that other days of the year just can’t. Remember, every year will bring ups and downs so rather than focusing on a new year turn your focus to each day. How is that for breaking it down – clearer picture – baby steps – one day at a time.

My wish for you this year is that you dream big. Set big, scary goals for yourself. Have a vision. Talk nice to yourself, encourage yourself and show yourself grace.  Make a plan. Take small actions every day toward achieving them and don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from seeing them through.

God bless! Tam ♥ †

Are you in?  Are you joining me?

My 5 Favorite Canning Resources

My 5 Favorite Canning Resources

My 5 Favorite Canning ResourcesCanning and preserving food is one of the most essential survival skills we can have. If the grocery store foods are no longer available we will be left with our knowledge and skill to survive.

Many simply shy away from canning because of fear of the unknown, but canning is a very fun, rewarding and again essential skill that is not near as complicated as people think.

I have canned many things along the way and shared those experiences on our YouTube Channel. There is a whole playlist dedicated to canning and preserving and I encourage you to take time and watch those videos. I honestly LOVE to preserve my food. It is a time that I often spend with my son and we have such a fun time

Additionally, I understand your struggle when you enter the interwebs and find SO much information available, but how do you know which information to trust because not all information on the internet is correct?

You’ve come to the right place…

My 5 Favorite Canning & Preserving Resources

First and foremost, I must mention my dear friend Sharon Peterson of for her devoted work with her website and educating, her ever growing community. She also has some amazing books available to you which I feel are a MUST for on your shelves. I especially like The Pantry Journal, but I must say all her books are on my shelf and I go to them regularly! She also has her new Home Canning Basics Course to which I highly recommend!

Another dear friend that you hear me mention often is Melissa K. Norris of Her website is loaded with heritage recipes from her family that have been passed down for generations and she continues to keep the tradition alive by sharing them with you. She is also the author of The Made From Scratch Life: Simple Ways To Create A Natural Home which is a wonderful book of alluring stories and recipes. To boot, I have the honor of being mentioned on page 111 with my Gluten Free Bread Recipe… Melissa’s heart is to share the Lord, her knowledge and to help people to better feed their families. She has an amazing course available to you which will take you step by step through the entire canning process. Her course, Home Canning With Confidence is another course that I highly recommend!

For those of you that struggle to learn online or have limitations with your internet, you may like this next choice. My dear friend Kendra Lynn from has an amazing dvd titled At Home Canning From Beginner To Beyond available to you. She too is a wealth of information when it comes to canning and her dvd is perfect for those of you that like learning from the comforts of your home and detached from the internet.

You may be familiar with my dear friend Jennifer at the has a wonderful program available for those of you that are seeking guidance.  She specifically has a wonderful dehydrating class that I recommend.  She is a wealth of information and has a lot to offer.  She also has her which I also highly recommend.  She has great information and guests and I am blessed to be on her schedule!  YAY!

Another dear friend of mine, Diane Devereaux, otherwise known as the Canning Diva can be found on her very informative site where you will find meals in jars. She focuses in great detail on not just canning your fruits and vegetables, but also canning soups, stews and meals in jars. She also has a product line of unique items for sale including my favorite, her silicone canning mitts which can be found here.

What About Purchasing The Equipment For Canning ?

Honestly, I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful friend’s and you will definitely want to stop by and visit my friend Chaya at where you will find not only everything you need to can and preserve your food, but so many other essential items for your kitchen! She has a nice selection of amazing and useful items.

Now Chaya at does not carry canners on her website and although I am affiliated with other companies that do have canners, I find them to be WAY too over priced so I recommend that you just visit Amazon and do some searching around. I got my (2) 23 Quart Presto Canner’s on Amazon for an AMAZING price delivered to my door with FREE shipping so I really feel that is the way to go or check grandma’s attic or the thrift stores and yard sales. I just last week, got an Excalibur Dehydrator which retails close to $300 for a mere $20 and it was in perfect shape and has been running like a charm since the day I got it with zucchini and yellow squash dehydrating for my winter soups and stews!

Another very important piece of equipment for your canning needs is the Tattler Re-Usable Canning Lids which can be found here. These seals are unique in that they can be used endless amounts of time unlike your metal flats or lids. In my opinion, with food being our most important need, I choose the Tattler Re-Usable Canning Lids as a safeguard which will allow me to continue putting up food continuously!

The Truths About Canning

For those of you that have never canned before, the time is NOW!! Learn this important skill and find a new love as the rest of us have. Keep in mind that us canning lovers often question our level of love when we are canning for two and three days straight because we are so obsessed. It can be tiring and taxing, but when you pull those jars off the shelves during the winter months or put together a care package of canned love for a new neighbor or friend in need it does make the heart skip a beat! Not to mention, the incredible food you are providing for your family!  Canning time is one of my favorite times I spend with my son – pricely conversations and memory making going on!! ♥

Share Your Thoughts With Me

Now I have shared all my favorites with you, how about those of you that enjoy canning as much as I do share your favorites in the comments below!

For those of you that have not started canning or are new to canning, what questions might you have or what is holding you back?

I would love to know, please leave your comments below….

Are You Really Prepared For Medical Emergencies?

Are You Really Prepared For Medical Emergencies?

Are You Really Prepared For Medical EmergenciesIt is really easy to think we are prepared for anything, but are we really?

It is important to live without fear as it is a waste of time and precious energy and to focus on being prepared.   You will find great comfort in times of turmoil when you have already rehearsed things in your brain many times, practiced them as a family or have protocols in place.

May 11th on our homestead is not a day I wish to relive. We were having a nice evening enjoy a good Christian movie and just having a quiet night. All was good and God certainly had this night specially orchestrated.

Normally I am a few minutes later heading to bed than the Mountain Man, but THANKFULLY this night I was ahead of him and getting settled in prior to him lying down. He took a natural over the counter sleep aid which was 100% valerian root, BUT he chewed it when he should have swallowed it. Was it the coating? Did he actually take two and not one? That will always be a mystery because after he chewed the pill EVERYTHING was forgotten.

He headed out of the bedroom filled his water container and returned to the bedroom. He shut off the light, laid down and was no longer really communicating with me. Had I come to bed even two minutes after him that evening like I normally do I would have assumed he was just exhausted, I would have left him sleep and morning would have come and he would have been with Jesus‼

I asked him if he was ok, because he just seemed off… Usually, we will chat before we sleep about our day and we would do so with the light on so when he turned the light off that was a BIG indicator that something was off and then he did not communicate well with me. I asked him if he was ok and in a dreamy voice he said “I am fine… I love you?.” So I rattled him (shook him) and a normal response to that would have been, “What the heck are you doing to me‼ “. When he didn’t even react I knew something was up so I turned on the light to find his pupils HUGE and extremely dilated… and he wasn’t very responsive…

911 here we come… I’ve played this out many times in my mind… Was I freaked out? SURE, but I knew I needed to stay calm and roll with what was happening…

911 would not go through when I tried. The direct line to the sheriff’s told me it was the wrong number when indeed it was correct and on a ditch effort, I tried a friend of ours that on occasion runs with the ambulance and Praise The Lord I was connected…

I told him our gate would be unlocked and to please call the ambulance and got them in route, the Mountain Boy headed and opened the gate while my dear friend Rhonda and I kept the Mountain Man breathing. It was getting harder and harder to do so. Shortly after calling my friend, another friend reached out via FB messenger to tell me that 911 needed more information so while rattling my man to keep him awake, I was also messaging my friend Jaque to keep the EMT and ambulance up to date on his condition. He literally stopped breathing 7 or 8 times before the ambulance arrived.

We also have a Life Flight plan so that we can quickly call and have a helicopter dispatched to our location. Having these things in place, numbers by the phone and a plan in place will make these experiences much less stressful, but living in the wilds of Idaho, off-grid, things can happen and we knew this stepping into this lifestyle.

We do not live in fear, fear is debilitating and a waste of priceless energy, but we do live prepared. We discuss these things as a family and as a family we have protocols in place for many different things such as these types of situations, fires, intruders, etc… Being prepared keeps us a step ahead and in this case, ALL ALIVE!!

As soon as the EMT arrived and saw the Mountain Man’s condition, they got him into the ambulance and in route to the hospital. He did not have an anthralactic shock experience, but more just a reaction to the pill(s) – the pills caused his side of the brain that tells you to breath to basically stop working. We arrived at the hospital at about 11:20 on the evening of the 11th and it wasn’t until 3 am after sedating him and putting a breathing tube in that they got him settled. Blood work, cat scans and many chest x-rays were taken and nothing else appeared to be causing his issues.

I just thank the good Lord that he orchestrated things that evening the way he did or I would have awoke on Thursday as a widow! Selfishly, I am thankful that God has further purpose for him here on earth and was not ready to take him!

This is not something I ever wish to relive, but I am thankful we had plans in place and that in experiencing this we have all grown in our knowledge and are proud of how we handled things and that we were prepared. This was a good experience for the Mountain Boy as well. It has matured him in ways I could have never prepared him for and he learned that he is capable of reacting properly in such situations. When the Mountain Man fell 16 feet from the ladder that started to fall while building our house in 2010, the Mountain Boy was paralyzed by the event and didn’t react nor knew how to react. Good can always come from bad experiences and there is always something to learn from each experience we go through.

I can’t encourage you enough to have plans in place, discuss things as a family, numbers by the phone and protocols together for all scenarios that may affect you in your neck of the woods. Whether it is hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, wildfires, health emergencies, bug out plans, bug in plans, etc…, discuss it, be prepared and be ready!

Our families are our most valuable possessions and if you don’t take time now to be prepared you may be putting one of them or yourself at risk!

Know who to call for whatever needs you may have and have backup plans if you can’t get through. Being proactive and having things such as Benadryl, and Epipens available for those with allergies and things on hand for known varying needs. In this case, had we not been able to get help and attention for the Mountain Man the next step would have been to get him in the truck and get him to the hospital as quickly as we could. Thankfully we did not have to take matters into our own hands, but knowing what to do is important.

Here are three resources I feel are very important to have on hand or to participate in:

The Survival Doctor’s Complete Handbook by James HUbbard, MD, MPH

The Survival Doctor’s Lifesaver Course

The Survival Doctor’s Master Course

If you are considering a jump to off-grid and remote living, please take into consideration that you will most likely be in a location that will have definite delays in varying services such as fire, ambulance, police, etc… And all the more reason we need to be extra prepared living this lifestyle.

Do you have protocols in place?? What scary situations have you experienced?



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Using Alpaca & Wool For Warmth & Survival On The Homestead

Using Alpaca & Wool For Warmth & Survival On The Homestead

There is something to be said about the warmth and comfort of a wool, alpaca and natural fibers, right?  Wool is an amazing God-given resource that repels water, is amazingly warm and extremely durable.  We have a lot of varying wool products on our homestead such as socks, blankets, sweaters, gloves and mittens, pants, skirts, scarfs and more.  Do you realize that alpaca is a very similar resource?

Did you also know that alpaca is 5 times warmer and 7 times stronger than wool?  I was amazed when I heard that!

Wool and alpaca are not only good for the homestead for warmth and comfort, but also great for all survival situations as well.  Having an item that will repel water and provide warmth is key.  We have wool blankets and alpaca items in our packs and encourage you to add them to yours.

I was quite blessed by the Mom It Forward Blogger Network to participate in this program to which I receive a BEAUTIFUL scarf from Sol Alpaca to review and enjoy.

Warmth For The Homestead

Peru is a country with a very ancient textile tradition and SOL ALPACA is its principal heir.  Its online store is opening today to offer the world its products made with the best fiber and all the enthusiasm that only experts in warmth can provide.  Feel warmer with SOL ALPACA.


SOL ALPACA keeps Peru’s rich textile tradition alive and makes the connection enabling you to receive at home all the warmth the Andean people have to give;  people who love what they do and live with a special passion in harmony with nature.    This is why they work only with the world’s finest fibers of the Andes: alpaca and vicuña and exploit the complete range of 32 natural shares – the world’s largest – to create designs that achieve a perfect balance between the exceptional inherited abilities of Andean people and modern-day trends.


Visit SOL ALPACA in this new online store with its sophisticated garments and accessories.  Let those hands keep you warm.  Let SOL ALPACA keep you warm.

We are all about handed down skills and traditions that continue to be kept alive.  I love how SOL ALPACA is about tradition.


SOL ALPACA would like to gift one of our friend’s with a 30% discount code!

All you need to do is visit SOL ALPACA‘s site and come back over here to our post and leave a comment with a link to the product that you found to be your favorite.

One winner will be chosen.  The winner will be announced here on the 5th of December.

Be sure to visit SOL ALPACA and return here to leave your comment!


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Mountain Woman Radio

Mountain Woman Radio

Mountain Woman Radio - Tammy Trayer

Mountain Woman Radio is available every Wednesday either on our website or iTunes.

Mountain Woman Radio is  loaded with inspiration, encouragement and knowledge on self-reliance, preparedness, sustainability, homesteading, off-grid living, wilderness survival, day to day life, autism, traditional and primitive skills, gardening, canning and so much more.  Not to mention, there are guests from all walks of life joining frequently to share their stories.

Not everyone is able to listen to podcasts due to poor internet connections and such, therefore,  we have created cd’s so that you can listen at your convenience as well as gift them if you feel so inclined.

Mountain Woman Radio Christmas

Mountain Woman Radio Season 1


Mountain Woman Radio Christmas  


Mountain Woman Radio Season 2

Trayer Wilderness Off-Grid Homestead Tour With Beyond Off Grid

Trayer Wilderness Off-Grid Homestead Tour With Beyond Off Grid


It was a great honor and privilege to be a part of the Beyond Off Grid Summit/Webinars.

As you all know, we feel very led to share our knowledge, skills and inspiration in these uncertain times.

We decided to give you a tour of our homestead, show you around a bit and offer some tips and tricks along the way.

If you missed the live presentation, you can catch the tour here.

If you are unfamiliar with our personal story, you can read more about us in detail here.

In this webinar, I will discuss the following topics:

  • Why we chose to go back to their roots
  • Why we chose a life with 100% solar power
  • How we built their homestead
  • How we embraced a frugal self-reliant lifestyle while letting God lead the way
  • How we raise animals, harvest wild game and forage from their surroundings
  • How we grow and preserve most of our own foods, and our future plans for growth
  • How we utilize our skills on our homestead and in making an income
  • How we feel traditional knowledge and primitive skills will keep us moving forward
  • How homeschooling and our lifestyle changed our son’s life


Be sure to check out my books on Amazon

P.S. – We would love to have you join our newsletter and check out our Academy!


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