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Mountain Woman Radio is available every Wednesday either on our website or iTunes.

Mountain Woman Radio is  loaded with inspiration, encouragement and knowledge on self-reliance, preparedness, sustainability, homesteading, off-grid living, wilderness survival, day to day life, autism, traditional and primitive skills, gardening, canning and so much more.  Not to mention, there are guests from all walks of life joining frequently to share their stories.

Not everyone is able to listen to podcasts due to poor internet connections and such, therefore,  we have created cd’s so that you can listen at your convenience as well as gift them if you feel so inclined.

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Mountain Woman Radio Christmas  


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MWJ – Survival Series #8 Importance of Good Footwear

MWJ – Survival Series #8 Importance of Good Footwear


MWJ-Wilderness-Survival-SeriesSurvival Series #8

Today I wanted to share more details on the importance of good footwear when out in the wild.  Whether you are hiking, hunting or surviving, good footwear is essential.

I have had great success with LL Bean’s Cresta’s which can be found here.  I am on my 4th pair over the last 10 years and they have held up amazing to very brutal use.  So they hold up well, are very comfortable and very supportive.  A win win for me and they are warm and waterproof!

Stay tuned for more Mountain Woman Survival Series posts and vids.  I will be sharing varying tools, shelter building, bushcraft, etc….



Tam (MWJ) ♥ <><

MWJ – Survival Series #7 Discussion on Clothing and Footwear

MWJ – Survival Series #7 Discussion on Clothing and Footwear

MWJ Wilderness Survival SeriesWelcome to Survival Series #7.

Today my Mountain Man and I brought you along on an amazing hike and I talk a little bit about wearing the proper gear.

Just like with the items in your pack, your attire can make a big difference.

Survival Series 7



My apologies as this is an older video, but I have been behind on getting my posts on the website, but stay tuned as I am starting this series back up and I will be moving on to shelters, bushcraft, and additional wilderness survival.


Tam (MWJ) ♥ <><

MWJ – Survival Series #6 Recommendations for your pack

MWJ – Survival Series #6 Recommendations for your pack

MWJ Wilderness Survival SeriesWelcome to Survival Series #6.

I am a bit behind in getting my posts out on our website to go along with my Survival Series on my YouTube channel so please forgive me.  Today I recap on the essential items in your pack and you get an added bonus in this weeks video so be sure to watch.

Survival Series 6

Below you will find links to reliable, secure sites that I feel are a good choice for purchasing your survival gear.

For your fire starting gear you will want to check out as well as our Fire Starting Tools.

One important thing I would like to mention is, no matter how many fancy things you have in your pack, if you don’t know how to use them and use them well, there is no point in having them.  Practice makes perfect!

If you haven’t watched the previous shows in the series be sure to back track.  I have covered many methods of fire starting, traditional, primitive and modern, pack essentials, etc.  You can find all the survival series under the tab Wilderness Survival or search for survival series.  Be sure to stay tuned for Survival Series #7.

The Alaska Guide Creations pack that I showed you is a great item which provides an easy and comfortable way to carry your essentials and your hands are always free.  They can be found here.


Tam (MWJ) ♥ <><

MWJ – Survival Series #5 – Fire Starting Materials

MWJ Wilderness Survival SeriesWelcome to Survival Series #5.  Today we are talking about fire starting materials and I will be taking you for a trek in the wilderness to show you everything that I have been talking about on my radio show this week on the Survival Mom Radio Network.

As I have mentioned in my radio shows, on my videos and in my blog posts fire is one of the MOST important survival skills.

I believe that it is a skill that many people take for granite and think that it is not something that needs to be practiced or not worthy of any prior attention, but I feel that it is something that should be practiced and that time should be taken in your area and surroundings to allow you to determine what may work best for you.

As with anything practice makes perfect and these skills could be save lives.

Again be sure to take caution when lighting fires, especially this time of year and I would be thrilled if you would take the time to enjoy these videos with a child.  Whether it is a child, grandchild, etc these are great skills to pass along.

Below you will find my YouTube video to go along with the MWJ Survival Series #5 –  Fire starting materials.  Please watch and educate yourself.

The Alaska Guide Creations pack that I showed you is a great item to start with and for you ladies I have a special giveaway going on for the regular size bino pouch/survival pouch in a pink camo.   Enter below and best of luck to each of you.  Be sure to pass this page on to your friends so they too can enter.  FREE is always good and I would love to set one of you up with this FANTASTIC pouch..

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This series has also become a part of my radio show every Wednesday on the Survival Mom Radio Network. I will discuss the topic on the show and then back it up with a post and a video to walk you through whatever skill I am discussing each week.

After you watch this video, I would so appreciate it if you would please leave me a comment and let me know what you have thought of the series so far and what fire starting method appealed to you the most.

Next week I do believe I will have a surprise in store for you and look forward to sharing it.  I mentioned not to purchase your tools right away and next week I will cover some recommended tools, suppliers that I would recommend and continue you on with our series.

Thanks for joining me this week and I hope to have you return and join me next Wednesday for Survival Series #6.

Mountain Woman Journals - Survival Series #5

God Bless you and yours!

Tam (MWJ) <3 <><

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Two magazines I recommend:

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With my #MWJSurvivalSeries going strong it only seemed fitting to set one of my followers up with the PERFECT pack.  From now until 09.01.2013 I will have a giveaway running for a Regular Pink Camo Bino Pouch from which retails for $69.99.


These packs fit snug against the front of you, allowing all your essential items at your fingertips and made in the USA.  It’s design was well thought out and is perfect for any outdoorsmen, women or child.  Great for Mom’s too, allowing your hands to be free when you may need them most and providing you with enough room to carry ALL your essential items.


I do not leave my house without my pack like this.  Enclosed in my pack are very few, but extremely useful tools which could easily sustain me for 3 or more days in the wilderness just because of my knowledge.


If you haven’t begun following my MWJ Survival Series, I encourage you to start.  My goal is to share my survival skills and help educate men, women and children on outdoor/wilderness survival.


These pics are exactly what you will receive if  you are the lucky winner.  Below you will find my Survival Series #1 video which displays the Large pack, its functionality and the contents within.  Remember you will be receiving (1) Pink Camo Survival Pack in the Regular size which is just a touch smaller than the one in the video.

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