How to make HE laundry detergent or soap

The day I made the soap was a sunny day and I was ALL out of my laundry detergent.  To most this would not be a concern, but because we are off-grid you learn to utilize all your resources.  Our biggest resource back here in the wilderness is the SUN!! We save a lot of […]

Trayer Wilderness Homemade Probiotic Deodorant

Today there are so many horrible preservatives, toxins and chemicals being add to our food, beauty products, cleaning products and pretty much anything processed.  We live very traditionally and in some ways very primitively off-grid in the northern Idaho Wilderness. Because of our lifestyle as well as our desire to live a healthier lifestyle and […]

Frugal Wilderness Tip #1

Some people would consider this to be cheap.  I consider this little bit of advise smart living.  Why spend extra money where you don’t have to.     Yes, that is right, we reuse our zip lock baggies. We made a simple drying rack out of a hanger and we also use an antique swinging drying […]