Why We Use Cast Iron (Plus 5pc Lodge Cast Iron Giveaway)

Cast iron is my go to item in my kitchen and the outdoors for our cooking and baking.  They not only keep my arms in shape, but they are phenomenal to use and provide healthy iron in our diet.  Every meal in our home is baked or cooked with love on or in a piece […]

What’s Your Threat? Our Threats Are Many, But Our Worries Are None…

What’s Your Threat? What’s the biggest threat to you and your family? Check out some amazing blogs and how they attack their biggest threats to being more prepared and more self-reliant! I was very excited to opt-in with a bunch of my wonderful peers to write about “What’s Your Threat?” and I have to say […]

How to make homemade spikes and nails on the forge

Well the Mountain Man has been busy in his smithy!  Wait till you see all the REALLY cool stuff he’s made.  Some of his new creations will be added to our website store and others will be shared here with his how-to videos. Today’s video below will show you how to make homemade nails or […]

How To Make Homemade Vanilla Extract

In our effort to make everything from scratch I have added a new raw ingredient to my list… Vanilla extract… Learning how to make your own homemade vanilla extract could not be more simple and easy. All you will need is the following: ♥ 3 vanilla beans ♥ 1 cup of vodka ♥ Glass jar with a tight […]

Skunk sprayed your animal? Here is how to get rid of the odor…

It is that time of year again….  The unwelcome skunks start making their rounds in both urban and rural areas looking for that unsuspecting family pet that is just oh to curious… Well – I have just the recipe for you to print and keep handy.  We have used this several times already with fantastic […]

Our Story ~ The Simple Life ~ Living life by Faith

For those of you that are new to following me, here is our story. We have always been very traditional people. Often times put in our own category. We are the kind of people that see the shiny side of the penny and felt God’s grace to grab our boot straps and trudge on. We […]

Traditional way to warm the heart

Being that we live as traditionally as we do off-grid in the northern Idaho wilderness, we are always trying to utilize items that require no power.  We live in an intentionally frugal fashion conserving even when we don’t have to.  We no longer have a microwave or any tools in the kitchen that require power. […]

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

From my family to yours, may you all have a blessed Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with the company of people you love, food that you crave, and many blessings and simple pleasures to make this years Thanksgiving a day filled with memories. We are looking forward to a quiet day filled with each […]

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

From our family to yours, may we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving! A day where you may be surrounded by those you love, with a bounty of food, good conversation, a turkey coma and memories that will last a lifetime! We are feeling blessed beyond belief back here in our wilderness playground.  Some people wait […]

What is Self-Preparedness?

I believe this is a good question to ponder these days. Our family lives day to day practicing, teaching and living a frugal self-sustaining traditional lifestyle. We know how to be prepared, but since the devastation of Sandy three weeks ago there are many people sadly realizing they are not prepared enough. I started this […]