Simple ways to organize your shop

This week I did two videos on organizing my shop.  Below are the two videos that I hope will add some organization to your shop, garage, basement, man cave, etc.        

MMJ – My Thoughts

MMJ – My Traditional Log Cabin

For more details on this project and my family, check out:

MMJ How to skin a beaver

Warning:  Please click on my Introduction button above before watching this video if you haven’t already done so. Warning:  If you have a weak stomach you may also choose not to watch this video.

MMJ Idaho River Trapping – Day 3


MMJ Idaho River Trapping – Day 2

MMJ – Idaho River Trapping Day 1 – Video

December 11th, 2012 started my northern Idaho river trapping.  Dropped the canoe in and headed down stream to see what kind of sign I could find.  More to come – stay tuned for more details and more videos.  MMJ