Weekly Book Bonanza #10 (Giveaway) Featuring Duct Tape 911

Let me guess, you never thought about using duct tape for medical emergencies? Well, The Survival Doctor, James Hubbard, MD, MPH has got us covered! Duct Tape 911 is a must have and a fantastic book utilizing duct tape for things you would have never imagined!! I had quite the privilege interviewing The Survival Doctor, […]

Weekly Book Bonanza #8 (Giveaway)

This week we giveaway the Color Coded Homeschool Planner by Jennifer Osuch. What does homeschooling have to do with Preparedness? Well many people who homeschool their children are also on a preparedness journey. We’ve found a great number of folks who fall into both categories.   We homeschool the Mountain Boy and truly feel that […]

Weekly Book Bonanza #7 (Giveaway)

This week’s Book Bonanza Giveaway is:   Simply Canning: Survival Guide to Safe Home Canning by Sharon Peterson. When you hear me speaking about canning or see a post on canning on our website you will be guaranteed to hear or be referred to http://SimplyCanning.com and find me praising my dear friend Sharon Peterson.  Why?  Because she is […]

Weekly Book Bonanza #6 (Giveaway)

I am very excited to be able to share this book with you this week as our featured giveaway item! Whole Wheat Bread Making  is written by a dear friend of mine, Donna Miller, of MillersGrainHouse.com.  This book is available in a kindle version and also in a print version. This is a GREAT book for […]

Weekly Book Bonanza #5 (Giveaway)

The Prepper’s Complete Guide to Disaster Readiness by Jim Cobb is like a primer for readiness for the novice and a foundational reminder for the veteran prepper.   There is virtually not a stone left unturned in this book but still it doesn’t go too deep off track in one way or another as to […]

Weekly Book Bonanza #4 (Giveaway)

  Week #4 of the Book Bonanza Giveaway offers the chance to win   “Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide.”   This is a great book written by best selling author, Jim Cobb who has authored several of the top selling preparedness books that have hit the market in the last few years.   Most people think that […]

Weekly Book Bonanza #3 (Giveaway)

Far too often the little ones become either scared and confused or left behind while adult family members lead the charge to prepare for an uncertain future. Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure: A Prepper’s Book for Kids is not only encouraging to help the children want to participate but also helps the parents and grandparents […]

Weekly Book Bonanza #1

Welcome to the 1st Weekly Book Bonanza!  I have joined forces with some amazing people and every week, we will be providing you with the opportunity to get entered in a giveaway to win the current weeks books. There are some amazing resources available to aid you in your preparing, homesteading and self-reliant efforts and […]