Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

I hope you all got a chance to check out the Homemade Christmas with Melissa K. Norris that I am participating in this year.  I did a post this month on How To Make Melt and Pour Soaps which was part of her series and I was so excited to be able to share. I absolutely […]

But Baby It’s Cold Outside… Winter Preparedness

As I am typing this the temperature has dropped to 5°.  You know it is cold when breathing the air catches your breath.  You also know it is cold when the sun is shining, you are milking the goats and the milk bucket has frozen fast to your hand.  Not good!! I would trade the […]

For more details on my MultiFlame Tools…

MultiFlame Tool the original multi purpose fire piston

  The home of the original MultiFlame Tools, the multi purpose fire pistons.  Be sure to watch our How-to videos to see how these tools can benefit you in the outdoors.  Great addition to your packs.  A necessity for those that hunt, hike, mountain biker, boat, kayak, trap, rock climb and any outdoor enthusiast.  Weighing in […]

Trayer Wilderness, Inc. – MultiFlame Tool Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway NOTE: If you are already following our pages be sure to still click the GREEN button anyway so you get credit for those points.   Our Mystery Survival Tool winner was Robert Winkler! Congratulations Robert Winkler, you are the 1st to have won a MultiFlame Mini Tool!