But Baby It’s Cold Outside… Winter Preparedness

But Baby It's Cold Outside....  Winter Preparedness with TrayerWilderness.com

As I am typing this the temperature has dropped to 5°.  You know it is cold when breathing the air catches your breath.  You also know it is cold when the sun is shining, you are milking the goats and the milk bucket has frozen fast to your hand.  Not good!!

I would trade the winter’s here in Idaho for anything!  Don’t get me wrong, the Pennsylvania winters were pretty, but the humidity in the air made it SO bone chilling that it wasn’t enjoyable and the grayness wore on you after a while.

In my wilderness wonderland, there is always something green with all the coniferous trees and typically they are coated with the beauty of the snow looking as puffy as white cotton candy!

We enjoy our winter’s being outside enjoying our snowshoe hikes and a our adventures, but it is so important to be prepared for the cold no matter where you live and no matter how cold it gets there.

Happy New Year from Mountain Woman JournalsHa!  An oldy, but goodie!!  Hard to believe this was taken almost a year ago! Yikes!  I digress….

Our weather can turn on a dime so if we don’t go prepared we could really end up in a bad way.  Keeping your body warm and maintaining your core temperature is a necessity in your ability to survive.

If you are unable to start a fire or you don’t have something that will keep you warm you will freeze to death.

We do not leave our house without our gear and there isn’t a piece of gear in our pack or on ourselves that we do not know how to use.  It is essential to practice your safety skills often as we all know that practice makes perfect.  We feel it is also essential to have back up knowledge of primitive skills in the event that your modern methods are either no longer working or unavailable.

In addition to our gear, if we were to head out in different directions for whatever reason, each person knows where the other is headed and a game plan is in place in the event that someone does not return before dark.

We also never leave our home without proper protection.  In our area there are mountain lion, bear, wolves and Momma moose that you don’t want to anger or get between she and her mooselets… (Ha not that is not a word, but we tend to create our own vocabulary here in the wilderness..  Just for fun…)  So for us proper firearms are essential and a daily part of our attire.

So what am I getting at here?  Be protected and smart this winter.  If you do not have an EDC (Every Day Carry) bag then be certain to create yourself one and here is a link to the 1st post and video in my Survival Series which contains what I carry in my pack.

In addition to the above video, stay tuned there will be more videos to follow with more winter survival skills.

As always, thanks for following along on my adventures and feel free to leave your comment, questions or requests for things you would like to see ahead in the comments section below.

Be safe and God bless!

Tam (MWJ) ♥ <><

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A Successful Moose Hunt 2013

Well everyone….  My father gifted me with the opportunity to enter the 2013 Moose Draw out here in Idaho and by the grace of God I was drawn as one of the 15 tags.

This has been very exciting from the beginning.  My wife came home with the mail – she tossed a piece at me and said “You are going to need to take care of this”!  She kept a straight face while I opened this piece of mail from the Idaho Fish and Game while I wondered what I could have possibly done.  As I saw the tag and read 2013 Moose tag she let out her typical woohooo!!

We have been blessed in so many ways this year and this was just another one of those bonus blessings along with my wife’s writing taking off, our son starting his own business and doing super well and our new business Trayer Wilderness and my MultiFlame Tools starting with a bang.

Our good friend Jim and his wife Sharon joined us scouting on several trips and we were excited to be hunting in the area we chose.  A lot of fresh sign every time and on opening day we got to see a moose up close and personal when we helped a woman and her husband load her 1st bull moose in their pickup.

My father arrived from PA for his seasonal visit and I think he was even more excited than I was to be hitting the road to moose camp along with myself and my Mountain Woman.

Our 1st day out at moose camp we saw a lot of sign and a nice cow 1st thing in the morning.  My tag was for a bull moose and being we had a 14 day window I wanted to spend some time looking for a nice bull.  Later in the day we saw a bull about 2,000 yards away on the ridge across the way.   Unfortunately he evaded us until we got over to the area.  We did see 5 cow elk pass through while we continued to glass the area.

The 2nd day we setup early in the location we had spotted him the day before, with no luck in the morning and then the heavy rains set in.

Still with no luck we continued to hunt and glass the area and in our relentless pursuit of the bull, I was on the ridge where we had initially seen the moose while my father was glassing from the other side where we were when we initially saw him.  My father heard something behind him and turned to see the bull walk into the road not 30 yards away at which point he then slowly walked between him and the truck and descended down the mountain side.  In seeing him up close and personal he was able to see that he was a younger moose, but certainly worth shooting.  It was too dark to shoot when I finally made my way back to the truck.

Our friend however, happened to see a bull which he watched for nearly an hour while trying to get in touch with us to let us know about his find.  This was about the same time the moose showed himself by the truck.  Now, back at the camp deciding our plan of attack for the next day.  The bull our friend Terry saw was a much larger bull and the one we were going to head after.

It took two more days of relentless pursuit and glassing before he showed himself again and this time we got him.  This my friend is why they call it hunting….

God Bless…

Glen Trayer (MMJ)

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 Mountain Man Journals - Successful Moose Hunt

Mountain Man Journals - Successful Moose Hunt

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Well everyone….

I have been mentioning my new items for some time now and this past week they finally were placed on the machines to be manufactured.  It is a several step process for us to receive the final product in our hands, but this is really awesome!

I am hoping that you will all want one for your packs and I thought I would get a drawing going a while to put one in someone’s pack for FREE!  This drawing will run till July 30th.

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