Podcast #165: #YourBestYearEver

Your Best Year Ever; A 5-Step Plan For Achieving Your Most Important Goals

December 15th, 2017: In today’s show I share Michael Hyatt’s new book Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan For Achieving Your Most Important Goals.  Michael Hyatt is such an amazing resource and I have been gleaning information from him for over 7 years now.  You can also find his class here. If you like Mountain Woman […]

53 Ways To Make An Income On Your Homestead

You don’t need a lot of property to make this happen. Get your ideas flowing about making a living on your homestead. These 53 ways will help you get started. Living a simple life to your liking, contrary to the cookie cutter mold that the majority of society is following, may require some strategic planning […]

Podcast #164: Interview With Joel Salatin

December 8th, 2017: In today’s show I had the extreme privilege to enjoy an interview with Joel Salatin.  Joel Salatin is a pioneer, leading the way for farmers today and fighting for the quality of our countries food.  Joel has created a way to sustain his farm without government loans and additional funding and created unique, duplicatable […]

Podcast #163: Harvesting Wild Game Meats

December 1st, 2017: In today’s show I share with you the importance of knowing how to harvest wild game meats.  Our family lives each year off of the wild meats we harvest.  You won’t find more organic, non-gmo meat that you don’t have to feed all year! If you like Mountain Woman Radio you can also […]

Simple, Healthy Flatbread Recipe

Age-old goodness that is easy & healthy

Is it just me or would you consider bread a comfort food also?  I have always been such a starch girl and just love a warm piece of bread slathered in butter! Bread has been a staple at tables for centuries and this recipe is age-old and super easy! Due to my health issues that […]

Gluten-Free Cookie Baking Tips + Recipes

Being in my kitchen and going after my family’s hearts via their stomach is a passion of mine. A gluten-free and dairy-free diet was recommended for my son thirteen years ago when he was diagnosed as high functioning autistic with Asperger tendencies. In all honesty, that put me into a tailspin when I started looking […]

Podcast #162: #GratefullyPrepared

November 30 Day #GratefullyPrepared Challenge

November 10th, 2017: In today’s show I talk about my November 30 Day #GratefullyPrepared Challenge and invite you to join me here http://trayerwilderness.com/g-p Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It tunes what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion into clarity. It can turn a meal into a […]

November 30 Day #GratefullyPrepared Challenge

Happy people aren’t more grateful, grateful people are happier!

How does gratitude and being prepared come together you ask?  Well, it is like this… In life, the more you notice the simple blessings that are thrown your way and the more you focus on gratitude the better life becomes!  We all too well know that life throws us lots of lemons and it is […]

Podcast #161: Lightening The Load

Tips On Decluttering

Oct 27th, 2017: In today’s show I share with you my ideas on Lightening The Load or The Art Of Decluttering! Book Resources Spark Joy The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up How To Simplify   If you like Mountain Woman Radio you can also Subscribe to me on iTunes or Stitcher. Submit a review on iTunes. […]

How To Keep The Homestead Fires Burning

  How long has it been since you and your spouse have gotten away for some well vested time in each other?  Probably too long, right?!?! Well, several weeks ago for an extended weekend, I surprised the Mountain Man with a MUCH needed getaway – like 7 years much needed!!  Even that weekend the words […]