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#DeedADayI’m joining The 100 Good Deeds organization in setting a resolution to do a good deed a day!  The 100 Good Deeds bracelet is both a fashion statement and a cause to encourage everyone to do a good deed.

What if, instead of purely self-serving resolutions, we launched a #DeedADay movement where the intent was to do something for someone else?  And what if that action, of deciding to do a good deed a day played our all over the world and blogosphere?  Imagine the positive #RippleEffect we could make and how #PositivelyEncouraging we could be.

I was gifted a 100 Good Deeds bracelet to review and share with my readers.  However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herin are my own and I want to encourage you to join me.  Wearing this bracelet is a constant reminder that I am to do a good deed (which I never need a reminder) AND to know that I am helping someone such as Rose Marie from Haiti who made my bracelet.  The money from the bracelets are making a difference in the lives of vulnerable women who’ve been trained to make these bracelets in Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda and Haiti.  This project is providing hope to these ladies and now artists with a way to support their families through earnings, while empowering them to also contribute to good deeds around the world.  This program has given them a job, hope for a better life all the while we are paying it forward and making a difference in our world by simply doing 1 Good #DeedADay.

These bracelets were designed by Mary Fisher, author, artist and AIDS advocate.  All the proceeds are being reinvested in the program to provide more women and girls with more training in more countries.

I am so thankful to be a part of this because this is my hearts desire in helping others to see the world in a positive light!  There is way TOO much negativity in our world today and simple acts of kindness travel like a snowball – getting bigger and bigger as they go. Touching more and more lives as it travels….

To purchase a bracelet for yourself or a friend, go to http://www.100gooddeeds.org/.

To make a difference, choose to impact the world with one small act of kindness EVERY day and be sure to share about it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram….   by sharing your good deed and simply tagging it with #DeedADay…..

Feel free to also use tags #RippleEffect  #PositivelyEncouraging  #TrayerWilderness – I would LOVE to see how big this snowball gets…..  ♥

Help me to make a difference in this crazy world….

Are you in??

 Leave me a comment below and let me know that you too are joining the movement….


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