Do You Need Assistance Getting Your Homestead or Off-Grid Home Setup?

It can be SO overwhelming when you are starting out as a homesteader or off-grider!

The rewards are incredibly great when you partake such a life, but it takes a lot of planning and even preparation to embrace such a lifestyle.

Instead of allowing yourself and your family to hit overload or even decide this lifestyle is not for you, allow us to help you!

Did you know that we started a homesteading & off-grid consulting service to help people just like yourself who are looking for assistance, guidance, inspiration, suggestions and maybe just a little hand holding while you get on your feet and get things up and running?

It’s true! We have such a passion and desire to help others and we realize that not everyone digs their feet in and embraces most everything that comes their way quite like we do. Sometimes it is just nice to have that added boost of confidence when someone tells you “You really can do this”, not to mention gleaning information from someone that you confidently know has the experience to truly assist you.

For more details on these services, you can read more on our consulting page here.

For those of you that are looking for guidance on the skills you might need to attain or brush up on, our Trayer Wilderness Academy is perfect for you and our doors will be officially opening in August of this year. You can sign up a while for our rapidly growing waiting list here.

We are absolutely passionate about our lifestyle and love being able to help others on their similar journey. Our goal is to help others move successfully forward and continue embracing their dreams.

For those of you that are new to our website, my book How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle was published in January of 2017 and is a perfect book for anyone looking to live a more self-reliant lifestyle. Although this book may appear to be only appropriate for someone looking to live off-grid, my book will walk you through everything you need to consider for a self-sufficient lifestyle and really so much more. It really gives you a lot of resources and so many things to think about. You can find all my books here.

We encourage you to check out all the materials we have available to you and please let us know how we can further help you on your road to a more self-sustainable life!

Our prayers is that you “Enjoy Your Journey”!

Tammy Trayer is an author, freelance writer, blogger at and a radio show host at Mountain Woman Radio. Tammy and her family live traditionally off-grid and have a passion to help educate others by sharing their experiences of living off the land, dealing with autism, gluten free and dairy free cooking, self-reliance, wilderness survival, traditional and primitive skills, and much more. Follow Tammy's radio show on iTunes and her website. Keep up with Tammy's informative articles and videos by subscribing to: and She and her family have also created where they will be teaching their homesteading, off-grid, traditional and wilderness survival skills to like-minded people just like you.

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