E-book/Book Review: Miller’s Grain House – Whole Wheat Bread Making by Donna Miller

Miller's Grain House Whole Wheat Bread Making

Did I ever tell you that bread is one of my biggest weaknesses?  Yes it is true!!

There is nothing better than a hot piece of bread, fresh out of the oven with a crunchy outer crust and a super moist inside.  Oh and heavily slathered with butter will finish it off just nicely!!

I LOVE BREAD!   And so does my family.

We make wheat breads and also gluten free breads weekly.

I have been blessed to know Donna Miller for several years and she is such a wonderful Christian woman with a lot of knowledge and a big heart.  I was fascinated with how she freshly milled her wheat berries for her loaves of bread and this ended up being quite the saving grace for me.

Because we now make EVERYTHING from scratch I have found that I have some interesting food sensitivities or should I say preservative sensitivities.   Now that my body has been away from preservatives and fillers, even the slightest bit in my system now creates a horrible affect.

I found that I was having troubles with even gluten free flours, but what Donna taught me is that if I were to mill my own flour there was a good chance I would not have that sensitivity any longer and she was right.  When flours are processed there are preservatives added and that was the culprit, not so much the gluten.  So fresh milled wheat berries was the ticket.

So now, my family gets fresh milled flour with our WonderMill Grain Mill and hot piping breads that are just to our liking.  I am a bread connoisseur so I was thrilled when I received a copy of Donna’s book to review.

Miller’s Grain House Whole Wheat Bread Making is a great tool for the new bread maker.  Donna walks you through the ingredients you need and why, as well as the tools and techniques necessary to make beautiful breads.  I feel her book is a must have for the 1st time bread makers because so many people try to make breads and when their 1st attempt fails they resign from the task altogether.  In my eyes, this is truly a crime because being able to make fresh, tasty, wholesome breads for your family at a fraction of the cost of store bought breads is a great skill and useful knowledge.  When you are able to make things from scratch for your family you will be creating a healthier environment for your family and also teaching your family age old skills that will in turn be handed down to your children.  Donna’s book will provide you with all you need to be skillful and proud in your kitchen.

I highly recommend not only Miller’s Grain House Whole Wheat Bread Making, but I feel that her website www.MillersGrainHouse.com is a great resource for knowledge and tools for your kitchen.  Her book is available in a kindle version and also in a print version.   Be sure to check this out and also consider this for anyone you know that is new to bread making.  This makes a great addition to a bridal shower basket, a house warming present and I feel would be a great gift for any child that shows an interest in the kitchen.

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