FREE 6 Day Online Conference on Survival and Preparedness

We just found out about a FREE 6 day online conference on survival and preparedness called The Survival Summit.

I highly encourage you to go and signup for free.  I am familiar with a lot of these people and they have awesome material.  It will cover things like homesteading, rowing your own food, foraging, self-defense, medical care and so much more.

It will begin Monday, January 20th and go for 6 days with 25 presenters.  In case you won’t be able to attend live or you won’t be able to attend all the sessions, they will be selling recordings of the conference at a reasonable price.  I know I won’t be able to attend all the sessions myself so I will let you know when the recordings become available, but go and sign up for FREE so you receive all the details and know how to connect to everything.  To signup click here.


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