Getting Organized In A Crazy, Busy World

It is time to get rid of the sticky note jungle, scatteredness, lack of direction and turn your 2017 into a successful, organized year!

Getting Organized In A Crazy, Busy World 850

Do you struggle trying to keep it all together with work, home, kids, self…?

Have you had things fall through the cracks?

Do you schedule TOO much in your days that is just not humanly possible to manage?

Do you blog, but just don’t which programs or method to use to track EVERYTHING?

Join me the end of January for my new class Getting ORGANIZED In A Crazy, Busy World!  This class if for both male and female.  If you are a stay at home parent, a professional business person, a student, a blogger, etc., this class can help you get a handle on all the things you need to keep track of.  Additionally, I will teach you how not to put TOO much on your calendar, to remember to pencil in some ME time (we always forget ourselves – this my friend’s is a no no), to delegate and to not lose yourself in the Crazy, Busy World!

It is time to get rid of the sticky note jungle, scatteredness, lack of direction and turn your 2017 into a successful, organized year!  Whether you prefer to use something electronic or a datebook and notebook, I will have information to help you along your journey to getting organized.

And no more feeling like a failure…  We are our worst critics and when our schedule is not together we simply feel like failures….  Right?  Well, no more of that…

For those of you that are like myself, I will share with you some of the MOST amazing apps and programs around that have saved me from stumbling through my days.

Allow me to also help you find time for yourself, learn how your spoken words and thoughts affect everything you do, learn to strategically say “NO” and learn how NOT to schedule too much for yourself!

I truly believe that successful organizational skills are the necessary foundation for everything you embrace, whether that is homesteading, blogging, a career or just simply life itself!  Organization is key!

You will be able to work at your own pace during this course and will be able to join our private group for questions and support.

Join ME!!

Gift certificates are available, email me at


Price: $79.00

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