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God's Miracles On Our Off-Grid Homestead - Trayer Wilderness

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God has blessed us SO greatly in SO many ways over the years, but the last two have been beyond awing!  It just would not be right if we did not share these blessings with you because as it says in Matthew we are supposed to be a light!

“14 You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. 15 No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father”  Matthew 5:14 – 16

Below you will find the video my Mountain Man and I made in regard to the blessings we have experienced.    We have included the transcription below for those of you that are unable to view videos due to your bandwidth.


If you have a miracle that has happened to you or someone you know, please by all means share it below….


Transcription below for those of you that can’t stream videos:

Tammy: Hey guys Tammy Trayer–
Glen: Glen Trayer–
Tammy: of We wanted to get on here today and share some of God’s miracles on our homestead and there have been so many from our venture out here during our adventure as well as with our high functioning autistic son the mountain boy.   Those miracles will be a part of another video, but today we wanted to share with you the miracles that we’ve experienced over the last two years that are just so raw and so amazing, awing and they need to be shared.

Our faith is very strong and God leads the way very heavily in our lives.  I feel that I wouldn’t be doing him a justice if I put these and myself under a basket and didn’t let my light shine because, these were miracles that were so visibly seen and so incredible.

So as many of you know, I’ve been sick and you can go to our website and find out more about that with details of my illness and the symptoms at and you can go on our YouTube channel to

I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but our miracle started with my illness.  I had been progressively getting sick and in 2015 after delivering four cords of firewood with my son, I came back and I ended up with neuropathy in my arms, hands and my legs and it was drastic.  I went from lifting 85 pounds on the weight bench to not being able to pick up a canning jar that was a quarter full of oatmeal.  It was crazy and my illness was one of those that made medical doctors actually laugh at us which didn’t go over very well and we knew that we couldn’t really depend on the medical system for what I had going on because there were just too many symptoms and too much craziness. So what was really crazy through that is that God diagnosed me. and I know many of you aren’t going to believe that and you’re going to struggle with that, but I encourage you to listen and hear

So what was really crazy through that is that God diagnosed me.  I know many of you aren’t going to believe that and you’re going to struggle with that, but I encourage you to listen and hear us-hear our miracles.  You are welcome to leave comments and even negative comments are fine just don’t expect an answer or expect one that will come with love because we love you all.

God prompted me to purchase something called an ionic footbath which is used to remove toxins from the body.  When it arrived I found out I wasn’t able to use it with my implants, so I ended up searching on the Internet and the first thing that came up was my diagnosis.  I sat there and cried because I’ve been sick at that point for six years and progressively getting worse and we didn’t know why.   So it all happened like that I ended up with neuropathy and like two days later I found out and God diagnosed me.  On the Google search it said about breast implant illness and there were all my symptoms. I was like a poster board child for the illness.  I had everything, but three of the symptoms.  So it was pretty amazing and pretty awing, but it just gets better from there.  That evening I woke up at 1:30 in the morning sat straight up and felt very prompted to start searching for things related to the illness.  I felt very led to search and everything I searched for pulled up the doctor that I went to and she’s down in Georgia doctor Kolb and it was just really crazy.   I just knew God was telling me she was who I needed to use.  Her expertise, her abilities and her protocols were what I needed and although we had struggles with family and friends not really understanding all that and understanding my desire to go there, we still pushed on because we knew that was what God wanted for us I still remember when I woke up that morning and I went to Glen and I said I know where we need to go, I know what I need to do, I know who I need to see..
Glen:  It was kind of weird too because well not weird, but you know she said who she felt that God  showed her that she should go to and I didn’t question it, I didn’t–I don’t know, I just–it felt right, it felt like you know it was who she was supposed to see.  She had looked into some other doctors and stuff to and it just they didn’t feel right and just didn’t seem right.  So when we were talking I too felt it was right, –this is where God wanted us to go.
Tammy: It was so crazy thinking about it too, you know your reaction to me because I just looked him right in the face and said I know where we need to go and I know who my doctor is and the other thing was the price tag.  The price tag that went on that, you have to understand we didn’t have two pennies to rub together at the time and to travel to Georgia and have this kind of surgery… It just didn’t seem fathomable and a day later my friend Vickilynn of decided to create a fundraiser for us and this is where it just gets really where you can just continue to see God’s hand in all this.  It’s just–it was crazy. So the fundraiser was started and that was extremely humbling for us and a lesson learned from God you know we are supposed to–
Glen: When you need–for us, we work for what we get and…
Tammy: we are used to giving [laughter].

Glen: Yeah, and it’s hard to take from somebody. It just doesn’t feel right for me you know and for her it just–it doesn’t feel right to take something from someone and give somebody something—
Tammy: and receive.
Glen: Like I said she would say, that’s a kind of a God used to open our eyes that sometimes we just-we do need to receive, we do need to that doesn’t mean you take it for granted and–
Tammy: take advantage–
Glen: or take advantage of people and stuff it doesn’t mean that but it does you know-If somebody offers to help you, you take it. It’s not being selfish or you know whatever especially in situations like this you know you need–you can take it. It’s not—

Tammy: It’s a gift.
Glen: It’s a gift.
Tammy: And if you don’t accept it, you’re actually denying somebody else to bless you and that’s the important part of the lesson for us was that, we needed to learn to except being blessed. So it was quite something, it was very humbling for us because like we said, we’re usually on the giving end of things we enjoy being able to bless other people so knowing what kind of feeling we get when we bless somebody and realizing that we were denying somebody else the ability to do that for us. And my friend Julie once told me that, you need to learn to receive and that’s stuck in my head. So it was definitely an interesting time but we had gotten enough with that fundraiser to pay for our plane tickets and…
Glen: The car rental.
Tammy: The car rental, some of our food and–yeah. And we got down there and we had $300 left in our checking account. That was to cover the car rental when we left and our baggage. And we were down there for 17 days and that was the other blessing a dear friend of ours Pat was kind enough to gift us with our 17 day stay down in Georgia.  It was just a constant trickle effect of seeing God’s hand lining everything up for us. And another thing is that I was so sick and we were so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to sit straight as long as I needed to on the airplane to go from Washington to Georgia that my sister in law and brother in law were kind enough to offer to gift us with an R.V. rental so that we could drive there. So one way or the other they were getting me there. And we did get there and I got very blessed on the airplane too because everywhere we sat either there wasn’t somebody between us or we had the extra space, so I could really stretch out. But I mean it was to the point when I got down to Georgia that I was almost in a wheelchair and needed to be taken around.  So we’re down there I had my surgery and all went well and the doctor wanted me to get three more prescriptions.  We went to the pharmacy [tears] going to try to get through this one this was pretty wild [tears]. I’m going to try [tears].
Glen: It is really amazing you know and–
Tammy: He had to go to the restroom and I went over to the pharmacist and I asked how much the medications were going to cost and he said to me there were $721 and some odd sense and I just went, “Oh my gosh, how are we going to do that?” we only have 300 bucks to our name. So I held them and we also got a little bit of food that night we were getting a couple things and he comes back out and I told him and he looked at me which was really awesome because you could see God working through each of us for each other through this whole thing because it wasn’t an easy time being sick and for him having to watch me being ill.  He looked at me and he says, “We’ve gotten this far on faith-you’ve gotten this far on your faith, why stop now?” So we gave the pharmacist the prescriptions and we walked into an empty aisle and we prayed, got the things we needed and we went back up and he called us up. He says I gave you a discount and we’re like, “Well okay.” He rang it up and it was $271 [tears].  I stood there and cried that’s a huge discount and that was God.
Glen: You know that’s the power of faith but you know also God answering prayer but we only had $300. So we’re like well, he gave us this so let’s get them and carry on. So we carried on going back to the motel and my parents come down and…
Tammy: you got to remember we needed that money for the rental car and our baggage home.

Glen: My parents come and as they were walking out the door, they slipped her a 150 in her hand and—

Tammy: not knowing our circumstance—

Glen: not knowing and then a bit later her parents came and they did the same thing 150 bucks so it ended up being $300 to pay for the car rental and get our baggage on the plane and get back home. That was–and it wasn’t quite $300 for all that.
Tammy: We ended up with $37 on our checking account—
Glen: Yeah because we ended up on our way home. The idler pulley on my truck almost half way home, idler pulley on my truck blew—
Tammy: and it’s blew apart—
Glen: So we sat on the side of the road with friend of ours Jason picked it up for us brought it out and we changed it on the side of the road…
Tammy: and the guy stopped to help us—
Glen: But that was pretty much our $300 right there, I mean–but it was amazing to see how God provided that and you know people can say, you know well that was just luck so on. You know there’s so many things like that that happen in our lives he’s the one she can tell a little bit better because I wasn’t with it. But when I was out of it stopped breathing a couple of times–
Tammy: Ah! A couple of times [laughter]–Yeah try eight times you stopped breathing—  He had taken a valerian root tablet to help him sleep, but he chewed it and the—
Glen: Yeah Don’t ever do that!
Tammy: Yeah the coating from him chewing it made it react faster in his body and what it ended up doing is causing the part of your brain that tells you to breathe to stop working. So he stopped breathing eight times before the ambulance arrived and when the ambulance did arrive they almost couldn’t get an I.V. in him because his body was shutting down and I wrote a post on that, I don’t think we did a video on that but you can read more on that. There was a lot of details there too where 911 doesn’t work out here, the sheriff’s numbered didn’t ring right—we had to call a friend to call 911, he called 911 and it went through the scanner and another friend started Facebook messaging me because 911 didn’t have enough information, it was just crazy and the way God worked things out. It’s just–and when you fell off the ladder when we were building our house I mean—
Glen: That was few years ago but I was working on the house here, I was up in the ladder 16 feet and ladder slid on me I had things in to hold the ladder in place and I had just taken them out and I was coming down when the ladder slid–
Tammy: The other part to that was crazy, this is one of the weird things. I was back in the mess tent grading Austin’s paperwork and I just threw everything. I had no idea why I had this instant desire to just run-like I felt like I needed to run to him and I threw everything and started running and as I was running across the yard he yelled and as I hit the corner of the house he hit the ground- that was freaky.
Glen: I hit the ground and rolled but when I stopped, I didn’t roll that well with the way I landed.   I had a board up on the side of the house I was using to gauge where my tin would come down to. Anyways there were screws in there–
Tammy: The blunt ends were sticking—
Glen: the blunt ends were sticking out, one of them was—
Tammy: this is crazy—
Glen: like an inch down from my crotch and other one was on the other side of my leg, my right leg and the other one was on the other side of my left leg…
Tammy: and one in the center. You had four screws—
Glen: under my crouch.
Tammy: I mean we’re talking that much space on either side I mean ah!– like maybe a 1/2 inch on either side of both thighs and he would have been impaled.
Glen: I didn’t hit that, I didn’t–well I had landed on basically one foot. Because when I jumped, I figured I would jump and hit the ground and roll. Well, my one foot was a little bit further out and caught the last rung of the ladder and shoved my heel down all my weight hit on my heel. So it-you know things didn’t work like I wanted…
Tammy: Maybe that’s what stopped you from being impaled.
Glen: Yeah but…
Tammy: Really? [laughter].
Glen: Long short of this is nothing happened. No broken bones, no nothing.

Tammy: It was crazy, it was crazy that he was not impaled and we had a piece of steel about eight inches long and about as thick as my ring finger and pointed that we were using to pound holes in the steel. I was pounding them down on the ground and then if he had to adjust then he had one up on the roof with him.  Well it fell out of his nail bag and was lying about eight inches from his side and I just picked that up and threw it across the heart and started [chuckles] bawling. I mean it was just-it was a miracle that he was not hurt.
Glen: You look back on so many things that God had his hand on the miracles God has worked.   You know people say that miracles don’t happen you know that’s not true and you know things don’t happen anymore like they used to Christians will say,  Some Christians believe that miracles don’t happen anymore and God doesn’t answer prayer like he used to and so on. He’s the same God yesterday, today and forever. He doesn’t change–He’s the same as he was forever and the miracles he did before can still be done today. It’s just a lot of times we’re not open to the miracles, we’re not open to God showing us these miracles because we’ve got blinders on.  No, open your eyes and allow God to do these things-work miracles.
Tammy: The big thing is having faith and believing in that faith. There are so many people that say they have faith and hope in God but they don’t really believe it themselves like it’s a hard issue you know. I believe that God exists, I don’t need to see him, I don’t need to feel him. I just know he’s there and I trust in that and I want to encourage you.  Some people are looking for that feeling that God touches you or that he talks to you. I always was seeking a relationship with God, I heard people saying how God talks to me and I wanted that so bad but It’s actually a sin to want to be like somebody else. So I stopped that and I just prayed for that relationship with God, I wanted that relationship with God and during my sickness I did feel him and I did hear him and I did communicate with him.  That was the most awing experience I’ve ever had—there’s that time I was in bed and I was feeling that heat so bad, I’d get–before my surgery, I get really bad heat through my body felt like my legs and my arms were on fire. Well that heat as I was progressing and really getting really, really, sick we were really afraid I wasn’t going to make it to my surgery because my organs were shutting down. I felt that heat moving up into my chest and into my like into my heart it was moving and it was scary.  I just asked God to please give me a sign that I was going to be okay till the surgery, please make this heat go away and if you are there touch my hand and I had my hand hanging off the bed. And my hand got heavy and I didn’t have that heat anymore you know it went away.  I had that heat for over a year that would just kick in and it was gone and it never came back. [tears] Glen: So people you know some people say well you know I don’t believe in God, I can’t see him, you know I can’t see him, I can’t see God, I don’t believe. Well you know the winds there, you know it’s there. You know you can feel it but you can’t see it. So what’s the difference? You believe that the wind is there, right?—
Tammy: and you don’t question it.
Glen: and you don’t question it but you question God.   It’s the same thing you have faith that the winds are there, you know the winds there, you believe it’s there, you can’t see it and you say you can’t feel God. Well miracles–
Tammy: They happen.
Glen: They did happen.
Tammy: I’m really proud out loud right now to share my faith I don’t want people–I share my faith openly, I don’t ever want anybody to feel like I’m shoving Jesus down your throat but I want you to know what I’m experiencing and what we’ve experienced and that you could experience it too!  So you know if that’s your interpretation that’s not how we’re meaning this, we’re just meaning to share our love for Jesus and what he’s done in our lives with you. And it gets even better, the miracles in our home really topped the charts on March, 24th.  I have been sick for the last three or four months with all the moisture in our area from the mold, it just was making me very, very, sick. Through this process I have had a year and a half or more of healing from this illness. So you know my surgery was a year ago in January but I still had to progress and I went through a really rough three months and I was doing two treatments on the 24th of March and I decided to pray over my body and ask God to heal me and to remove this illness from my body. And I happened to be listening to a Todd White podcast at the same time and in his podcast he prayed over his audience asking for healing and it was a Friday night which was kind of funny because in his podcast it was prerecorded but he’s very powerful and he’s got some really awesome things to share and–
Glen: Something quick about that, there some people that don’t like Todd White, appearance can be deceiving and how do you explain the miracles that happened with him. You know God is working through him. It’s just a whole different subject but you can’t go by looks–

Tammy: He’s amazing, I really enjoy listening to him, I gain so much inspiration from him–I was listening to him and he prayed over his audience and he said throughout the weekend you will receive full healing. And I came over to him after my treatments and I said God just healed me. After I had prayed over myself, I really felt something kind of came over me. No, I shouldn’t say kind of but it just–
Glen: It was a peace–

Tammy:  Yes It was a peace–I believed-I believe that he healed me and as we progressed, you have to understand I’ve been so limited and I have been so sick and I started progressively feeling better but I told him as I said, “God has healed me and it was the same as when I told you really, you reacted the same as when I told you that I knew who he doctor I needed to see. [laughter]. You know you had the same expression and everything but yesterday which was what April, 1st, I cleaned our house and this is going to sound really funny but I was really excited about it because it’s the first time in a year and a half that I could clean my house without being stuck on the couch or in my bed for three days afterwards because I did too much and I would have never been able to do what I did yesterday. I would have–

Glen: Yeah you were climbing all over and cleaning high places from a stool and stuff way up high–

Tammy: I couldn’t move like that. My flexibility wasn’t good, my equilibrium wasn’t good, my abdominal area was still swollen because of all the toxins and it was just crazy and it was really funny because I was climbing up on the stool and as I was climbing up on the stool he was passing by me and it just made me kind of chuckle it was just timing, I just remembered it and I was just kind of inside celebrating that I had the strength in my legs to push myself up like that. And last night–you said to me “you were climbing all over the place”, and it was just really funny because he noticed too, it’s amazing God has healed me.
Glen: It was awesome to see–it really was just to see her you know go from not being able to do anything to near doing stuff like that. I mean it was those days before she prayed–
Tammy: Almost went to the hospital.
Glen: She couldn’t do stuff and don’t get me wrong. She could do stuff but she couldn’t do things she normally did before this illness.
Tammy: And I had a time frame that I couldn’t stand for long periods.  I have a standing desk and there are times when I couldn’t stand in front of that because my legs would just get sore.
Glen: And it for several days after that you know that she’d do something–
Tammy: and I paid the price–
Glen: for several days after that she’ll be so sore and sick–
Tammy: and so sick. Yeah it just affected me in such bad ways so it was just so amazing so you know– don’t deny yourself the miracles that are out there you’ve got to believe and it says that in the Bible, it says that you’ve got to believe in what you’ve prayed for so it can come true. So you’ve got to really embrace this.
Glen: You know the Believe thing-you know people say well I believe in God, well the demons believe in God. You know they believe God, they know he’s real so you too can believe the way I have done. You know–
Tammy: We have experienced so many miracles – I’ve seen it with my son. I will do another video on that for all of you folks out there with autistic children because there’s a lot of things you can do to help and it’s just been amazing and God’s hand has been on us in such a big way from the day we’ve met. Truly from the day we’ve met–I just published my book in January How To Embrace An Off-Grid Lifestyle you can find it on Amazon or by going to But the reason I’m saying that is the first chapter is our introduction and it tells our story and God has had his hand on us from the day we met. So well God has had it planned [laughter]–
Glen: Way before we met.
Tammy: Well before we were born [laughter]. But we want to take the time to share this with you guys. This is real and I love– God is real and like I said, I can’t not be proud out loud about his hand in our lives because it’s just too great and you needed to hear it.
Glen: This is just a few little miracles, I mean there’s a long, long, long, long list of miracles that we could go on and on. But we just want to share that with you and let you know our faith is strong and God is real. If anybody has any questions or anything about God and you want to know a little bit, just let us know and we will share our faith and what we believe in and try to help you out.
Tammy: Feel free to email us at   If at this point you still don’t believe us that there’s a God, there’s not much more we can say that will convince you that there is one, it’s something that you are going to have to gain on your own and we encourage you to do that. But I feel really blessed that God used me as a vessel to help other people. We’ve helped save 13 lives that we’re aware of that have reached out to us from my video on my health journey and I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason. And like I said I feel very blessed to have been used as a vessel to inspire and help others and I like the challenges because I know that when we’re on the other side of the challenge and the valley and the ugly places that we end up in life, there’s a lot of growth and there’s a lot of lessons learned and there’s always a lot of blessings. So if there isn’t a test in your life, you don’t have a testimony. You need to test to have a testimony so I encourage you to embrace those tests in your life-those values, those dark places and call upon God to help you get through them and grow and then share it. Be a light to other people and be a blessing to others by sharing your stories and your miracles too. Don’t be a part time Christian and don’t be a silent Christian. And don’t put your light under a basket, be a light to others in and brace your face that’s my wish for you and we just thank you for joining us and listening to our blessings and hope it’s encouraged you and we would love to hear your miracles and stories. Feel free to email us at or leave them in the comments. Our God is good and mighty and shows us all mercy. I just–am so thankful for his hand in our in our family so, so, thankful so–
Glen: All that being said, God bless.
Tammy: God bless and embrace your miracles and share them. Open your eyes, see them and share them–God bless.




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