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November 30 Day #GratefullyPrepared Challenge - Trayer Wilderness

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How does gratitude and being prepared come together you ask?  Well, it is like this…

In life, the more you notice the simple blessings that are thrown your way and the more you focus on gratitude the better life becomes!  We all too well know that life throws us lots of lemons and it is typical for our human mind to focus on the negative, but when you are able to see even the smallest of blessings through the storm – the storm is a lot easier to ride out!

Want To Be Happier?

When we are happy and more focus on things we should be grateful for, our lives tend to be happier.  Wouldn’t you agree?  When we’re happy we are more focused and we could take this a step further and even say we feel a bit more in control, right?  I know when I am happy I feel so much more empowered than when I am saddened and feeling the weights of the world.

Think Better, Act Better & Learn More…

So while we’re in this better state, we think better, act better, function better and are even empowered to do things!  Maybe even break some bad habits and form some new ones and what a perfect time to incorporate a daily thought of preparedness into the equation??  I think so…

I’d Like To Challenge You

My challenge to all for the month of November is for 30 days focus daily on the blessings in your life – the things you have to be grateful for, no matter how big or small and share it with me!!  Every day at noon PST I will be live on FB sharing the thing I am most grateful for and sharing tips on expanding your preparedness.  Be sure to join me on Facebook.   Share with me daily by adding your posts or pics to social media on your new additions in your life for preparedness and what you have to be grateful for!  BE SURE to tag your posts and pics with #GratefullyPrepared & #TrayerWilderness.  At the end of the month, we will review all the creative posts and pics and choose a winner for a special prize….

If you do not get involved with social media, return to this post and add your comments below daily to still be a part of things and I may try to take the FB Live video and add it to our YouTube channel to liven things up there….

So don’t miss out and I promise you this will be life changing… ♥

Day 1 – FB Live – & YouTube –

Day 2 – FB Live – & YouTube –

Day 3 – FB Live – & YouTube –

Day 4 – FB Live –  & YouTube –

Day 5 & 6 – FB Live –  & YouTube

Day 7 – FB Live – & YouTube –

Day 8 & 9 – FB Live – & YouTube –

Day 10 – FB Live –  & YouTube –

Day 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 – FB Live –   & YouTube –

Day 16 & 17 – FB Live –  & YouTube –

Day 18 – FB Live – & YouTube

Day 20 & 21 – Live FB – Part (1) – & FB Live Part (2) –  & Youtube –

Day 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 & 28 – Live FB – & YouTube –

Day 29 – Live FB –  & YouTube –

Day 30 – Live FB –  & YouTube –



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