Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Homemade Christmas Gift IdeasI hope you all got a chance to check out the Homemade Christmas with Melissa K. Norris that I am participating in this year.  I did a post this month on How To Make Melt and Pour Soaps which was part of her series and I was so excited to be able to share.

I absolutely LOVE to make homemade gifts for our family and friend’s.   I enjoy matching the gift with the persons specific tastes.

I also decided to do a round up with all my friend’s to share with you all their varying ideas on Homemade Christmas gifts.  I wanted to provide you with this information now so that you will have plenty of time to get involved and make your Christmas gifts this year!

Enjoy and be sure to share with me below in the comments, your favorite how-to listed here and also something special you have made over the years!

Blessings to you and yours,

Tam ♥ †


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I have the PERFECT thing for those of you that thoroughly enjoy the DIY world and are looking for new projects all the time, maybe like DIY and you don’t feel you have enough inspiration to embrace it on your own or you are just looking for something fun to do in 2015.  My good friend Kathie Lapcevic from HomespunSeasonalLiving.com has a wonderful new program that I am quite certain you will be interested in.

Thank you so much for joining me and again a special thank you to all my wonderful friend’s who were kind enough to contribute to this post!

May you and yours have a very blessed Christmas!


Tam  † ♥



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