How Camping As A Family Can Teach You A Lot About Preparedness

Day trips to parks and vacations can be overwhelming, expensive and over planned. Sometimes we overthink and plan too big overlooking some of the simple things you can do, even in your own backyard…

Several weekends ago we were fortunate enough to get an extended stay in the wilds. For us, it was incredibly refreshing and extremely overdue!

The Mountain Men, Mountain Ben and our friend the Viking went out into the wilds from Thursday to Sunday and the Mountain Boy and I were able to join them Saturday and Sunday.

Some people tent camp, others choose a camper or RV and those like us enjoy the raw outdoors.

We drove an hour and a half into the wilds and then packed in 3+ miles and set up camp.

Camp consisted of ENO hammocks (AMAZING, lightweight and don’t go ANYWHERE without mine), custom made wooden benches, a hand crafted table and two cooking areas.

We packed in all our necessities, some food and the excitement of being ready to embrace the adventure.

Our way of camping is not for everyone, but you can setup a tent in your backyard, enjoy the comforts of a campfire along with hot dogs and s’mores cooked over the open fire and stories and memories to last a lifetime. This may take control on your part from wanting to venture into the house or to take care of those nagging chores that surround you, but I feel it is such an amazing way to spend time as a family.

I highly recommend that you turn off the wifi and leave all devices in the confines of your home and spend some one on one time with each other.

I did get a demerit at camp for bringing my iPhone, but it did not have a signal and I only used it to take pictures and few videos… 🙂 My pictures are often times my journal… I get laughed at often for all the pictures I take and sometimes I get a grumble coming from one of my men because I have to pause to take a picture, but they are also the ones that are so thankful to have the pictures that I take and the memories that I caught!

I talk a lot about time spent with family because this is something that I hold very near and dear and I see so many people in society today missing out on some major opportunities… I also talk greatly about being prepared in every situation and this weekend was no exception.

We were way back in the wilds of Idaho and packed in on foot at a good distance from our rigs so emergency help was not an option. We always pack everything we need in the event that our short term venture turns into a long term venture. A first aid kit and natural remedies are always an absolute must, even if we are just harvesting mushrooms or firewood and this weekend we were very thankful that we live a life of preparedness!

While sitting on one of the wonderful benches the men made while setting up camp – I went to get up and kicked the foot of my Rhodesian Ridgeback. I didn’t know she was lying behind me with her feet so close to mine and when she quickly got up she grazed her elbow on an axe blade that was propped up on the leg of the bench. It was surely a freak accident and upon examining her wound and location of the wound we had two options:
1. Use the Mountain Man’s handmade survival hammock strapped to two small trees to create a stretcher to carry the dog out the 3+ miles to the rig or
2. Clean out her wound and stitch her up.

We chose number two. We weren’t quite sure what to expect from her as she puts up a pretty good fight to have her toe nails clipped, but we laid her down and two of us held her while the Mountain Man stitched her up. She is amazingly brave, tough and resilient as she did not even wince or cry once through the whole ordeal. She just simply laid there while we cared for her. She is an amazing dog. Being that the cut was at her elbow it was a tough location – when she stepped prior to closing things up the cut just gapped more and more and the more was visible internally. It was deep!

Once closed up it was also hard to protect from the dirt and debris of the outdoors again because of the location of the wound. We had two different bandages on her and we finally decided to just put pine tree sap on her wound to not only protect it but to help it heal due to the antibacterial and healing properties of the sap. Everything we need to survive is truly in our surroundings – we just need to be knowledgeable. So being prepared at all times is important! There is always something new to learn daily – be a sponge to knowledge…

She didn’t have any problems guarding the potatoes while they cooked!  

Remember to enjoy those inexpensive and free trips into nature as a family. Detaching from the internet is a freedom we need to experience often to remind us that the simple pleasures of life are right in front of us… The beautiful world around us that we often take for granted and typically miss the beauties of, the small voice of the good Lord that is often missed in the roaring of our day to day and the empowering and renewing benefits of that freedom and time with family!

Summer isn’t over yet, be sure to make some time for these simple moments that can mean so much and that will be remembered above all the other outings!


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