Mountain Woman Rendezvous #19

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Welcome to the Mountain Woman Rendezvous (Blog Hop)….  What is the Mountain Woman Rendezvous you ask?  It is a weekly online blog hop gathering for like minded folks to share their knowledge, tips, tricks, recipes and such….   I am very thankful for the responses we have been getting on the Mountain Woman Rendezvous.  It is something new and fun and we have had some fabulous posts being shared….

Whether you are a true Mountain Woman, a Mountain Woman at heart or you just have something great to share, here is your chance…. Looking for information on homesteading, frugal living, healthy eating, off-grid living, survival, preparedness, homeschooling,etc….

Each week all the posts are shared on my Mountain Woman Rendezvous Pinterest page which can be found here and they may end up being shared on and

I look forward to you sharing your information and if you do not have a blog,but would like to share something or even just your thoughts, feel free to post your comments below…

Spread the word… I believe in the “The More The Merrier” so be sure to join me and tell your friends!!

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Also be sure to join me on my radio show each Wednesday on the Survival Mom Radio Network.

This weeks show is on A Successful Idaho moose hunt and Empowering our Children…

Mountain Woman Journals Successful Moose Hunt and Empowering our Children



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Join me with my **NEW** SURVIVAL SERIES

MWJ Wilderness Survival Series

MWJ – Survival Series has begun!

To follow the survival series and view all posts visit MWJ Survival Series.

Each week I will add a new post, discuss things on my radio show and provide you with a video so that you can understand fully what I may be speaking about and also for hands on and how-to’s.  I would LOVE for you to spread the word on this one too because these are priceless life saving skills that are great for men, women and children alike.  A great opportunity to sit down with your kids and watch a survival video together.  Then take the skills you learn and together practice them in your backyard.

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I hope to see you return next Wednesday!


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    • Mornin Lovely Lady…. I may be…. Email me when you have time with your thoughts and we can go from there… My in-laws are visiting right now and we are hot and heavy into our elk and deer season so my thoughts are jaded, but I would love to put some thought into this in the next couple weeks and chat about it…. Thanks for inquiring and I look forward to discussing things. Enjoy your day… Blessings… T (MWJ) <3 <