MWJ – Survival Series #1

MWJ Wilderness Survival SeriesOk…  As many of you have requested, the Survival Series at Mountain Woman Journals has now begun.  Each week I will introduce a new video and skill that will aid you in the essential skills for survival.

This series has also become a part of my radio show every Wednesday on the Survival Mom Radio Network.  I will discuss the topic on the show and then back it up with a post and a video to walk you through what ever skill I am discussing each week.

This week I started off with the contents of my day survival pack.  I don’t leave the house without my pack – whether is for a hike, jog or I am hoping in the truck and heading out of the wilderness.  If my truck breaks down I want to know that I have the essentials.

After you watch the below video – do not go out and buy anything.  We will discuss the contents further and from there you can determine what may work best for you.  The only thing I would suggest is if you are interested in the pack that I carry – that would be a sure fire purchase in getting you started.  I will provide a link to Jaret Owen’s site for his pack and some additional stores that I would recommend here online…  Great prices, quality and customer service.

Next week we will start discussing several types of fire starting methods so stay tuned.

MWJ - Survival Series #1

Alaska Guide Creations – Bino Pack by Jaret Owens

Trayer Wilderness

The Path Finder Store

Blind Horse Knives

Camping Survival


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