MWJ – Survival Series #3

MWJ Wilderness Survival Series MWJ Survival Series has begun.  I started things by discussing my chosen day pack and the contents within.  We then ventured on to what I feel is the most important skill in the outdoors for survival and that is being able to start a fire and the various methods to use.  We continue this week with additional fire starting methods and how to create char.

I feel survival mindedness and survival skills are your most important skills and these skills could some day save your life or that of another. If you are just starting our with my series you can back track by going to MWJ Survival Series and scrolling down for the previous posts and videos.

As I mentioned last week,  I feel is the most important survival skill – fire starting methods and how to utilize them.

Without fire – you are unable to stay warm, dry and are missing a key component to sterilizing water which is an absolute necessity for your survival.

This week we discussed traditional forms of fire starting, such as your flint and steel and fire pistons and I show you how to create char.

Char is an important part of a survival pack in my opinion because it provides you with a dry, easily ignited tinder that you can use when the weather and nature may not provide such for you.

Be sure to take great caution in lighting fires dependent on your location and weather.   Also be sure if you are watching these videos with you children that you cover the necessary safety and cautions with fire.  Fire is not a toy and is something that should be taken very seriously.

Below you will find my YouTube video to go along with the MWJ Survival Series #3 – Traditional fire starting methods such as flint and steel and a fire piston and how to use them as well as how to make char. Please watch and educate yourself. There will be more education on fire starting next week using primitive methods of fire starting which are useful if you have nothing with you of the modern or traditional sorts.

This series has also become a part of my radio show every Wednesday on the Survival Mom Radio Network. I will discuss the topic on the show and then back it up with a post and a video to walk you through what ever skill I am discussing each week.

After you watch the below video – do not go out and buy anything. We will discuss the contents further and from there you can determine what may work best for you. The only thing I would suggest is if you are interested in the pack that I carry – that would be a sure fire purchase in getting you started. I will provide a link to Jaret Owen’s site for his pack and some additional stores that I would recommend here online… Great prices, quality and customer service.

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Join me next week for Survival Series #4.

MWJ Survival Series #2 - Modern fire starting methods and how to use them

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