Our log guest cabin was built by hand in 4 weeks

Yes…  4 weeks and our guest cabin went from only 9 concrete pillars to housing two guests here in the wilderness.  Now this is not just any cabin, but a hand crafted log cabin!  It was quite the rush, but it turned out AMAZING.  Glen used traditional tools to construct the cabin.  He also used chisels that he fabricated on the forge.  We love our traditional lifestyle we live and enjoy sharing it with you.  It would be a crime if these traditional skills were to be lost over time so we also enjoy sharing our knowledge.

On Tuesday the 9th of October my (wonderful) mother-in-law and I picked up two of our friends at the airport.  While we were at the airport Glen and my (wonderful) father-in-law were scurrying to put the finishing touches and door on the cabin.  Nothing like cutting it close….  Cutting it so close that when we returned with our friends we quickly pulled a diversion and the guys unloaded from one truck and quickly loaded up in the other truck and headed out to the shooting range to get their guns sighted in while Glenna and I rushed down to the cabin for the cleanup…  WE DID IT!!  Again might I add….

The inside is warm (literally thanks to the propane heater provided by my parents), welcoming and cozy.

The cabin is completed with the exception of 3 corners that still need to be trimmed up.

 Glen handcrafted the front door just the way he did the rest of the cabin.  He also made the hinges on the forge.

We truly need to start pacing ourselves a bit more….  We had things spaced nicely this summer, but you know how when you don’t want things to go wrong they do…. 🙂  The chicken coop, rabbit hutch, Austin’s 10′ x 10′ tree house and tree stand and the cabin are completed…  And without the 1st project we couldn’t have done any of it….  The 1st project was the sawmill that Glen fabricated.

In addition – we couldn’t have done all these projects this year without all the extra hands that we were blessed with….

Our crew consisted of Austin, Glen’s cousin Jonathan, our friend from church – Josh and not pictured were Glen’s cousin Christopher who had to head back home to start the new school year and his friend Jody from GA who had to hit the road with his work.  We were very blessed with the extra hands that helped get the job done…

Thanks to everyone for the prayers as they were much appreciated.  Also thank you to everyone for following our adventures and craziness….  We look forward to sharing more of our adventures upcoming….  Winter is on it’s way and we LOVE winter here…  We will be sure to share the cabin in all it’s winter beauty while nestled in the tall pines and the puffy white snow….


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The posts written on GivenAGift.com were our initial posts and story of our venture starting in Pennslyvania and landing us on the raw land in Idaho that we purchased site unseen. It was the beginning of a major journey that is now continuing on TrayerWilderness.com

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4 thoughts on “Our log guest cabin was built by hand in 4 weeks

  1. Hi, I’m Anne from Life on the Funny Farm  (http://annesfunnyfarm.blogspot.com), and I’m
    visiting from Natural Living Mondays.
    This is fantastic!  We live in a huge house right now, but w/in the next five years, all my  (six) kids will have graduated HS, and I want to move to something smaller.  But I still want my kids to be able to come back to visit, and this looks like a cool option!  Thanks for sharing…

     Anyway, it’s nice to “meet” you!  Hope you can pop by my blog sometime to say