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Our Team - Trayer Wilderness

Our Team

A little backstory. was originally was created as a means of communicating with our family back home as there was concern that we would be eaten by the wolves while we lived in our wall tent and built our home.   As we lived out our adventure for 8 1/2 months while building our home, our site started to get noticed by more and more people and we realized that there was an interest in what we were doing and in the lifestyle that we were choosing to live.

We began to feel that we were being called to educate, share our knowledge and inspire others with our faith led off-grid homestead adventures.

Once was created we continued to grow very rapidly and we took on an amazing team consisting of two virtual assistants.   When I became ill in 2016 these two precious people became not only our team, but family as they stuck by us, prayed for us and helped us to keep the ship sailing while I was flat on my back.  I’d like to introduce you to our extended family.

Meet Our Virtual Assistant Team

Michelle is my personal assistant and one of our contributing writers.  Michelle is a stay at home Mom to a wonderful daughter and wife to a terrific husband. She is also a homesteader, gardener, scrapbooker/cardmaker, crafter, and a 4-H leader. Additionally, she’s also a freelance virtual assistant and proofreader at David is a husband to a loving wife-Dinah, a father of two, Daniella and Darian and above all, a born-again Christian. David is currently a work-at-home dad, a youth counselor, and a home tutor. He is a Virtual Assistant and contributing writer here at Trayer Wilderness. His hobbies include: Playing soccer, cooking, reading and traveling. He also manages his own blog Youths4Life where he writes about issues relating to our youth, family and dealing with them with a Christian perspective. In addition to all that he’s also training online to become a Wedding Planner.

Meet Our Contributing Writers

As grew as did my responsibilities and I already wore a lot of hats.  I write for a multitude of magazines, have authored two books, contributed in one and am writing others as well as running 3 other businesses from our home and running our homestead.  Because of my heavy workload and also being on the healing side of a life-threatening illness, I felt it would be a good idea to take on some other writers that could add some additional creativity to our site and allow our readers to always have some new and exciting educational information being shared.

With an incredible passion for rural life, wellness, and sustainable agriculture, Mindy fell easily into the role of a teacher. She enjoys positively educating and mentoring others to learn skills such as growing, harvesting and preserving healthy food, living a balanced healthy, comfortable and purposeful life and empowerment to grow with leadership and personal goals.  Read more at My name is Anna and I’m a modern homesteader.   I began homesteading a few years ago and it changed my life!   I am passionate about growing and preserving food, making as much as I can with my own two hands, and living a more frugal, sustainable and self-sufficient life.   I love to help and inspire others to do the same & prove that the simple life doesn’t have to be complicated!  You can find me at