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With my #MWJSurvivalSeries going strong it only seemed fitting to set one of my followers up with the PERFECT pack.  From now until 09.01.2013 I will have a giveaway running for a Regular Pink Camo Bino Pouch from which retails for $69.99.


These packs fit snug against the front of you, allowing all your essential items at your fingertips and made in the USA.  It’s design was well thought out and is perfect for any outdoorsmen, women or child.  Great for Mom’s too, allowing your hands to be free when you may need them most and providing you with enough room to carry ALL your essential items.


I do not leave my house without my pack like this.  Enclosed in my pack are very few, but extremely useful tools which could easily sustain me for 3 or more days in the wilderness just because of my knowledge.


If you haven’t begun following my MWJ Survival Series, I encourage you to start.  My goal is to share my survival skills and help educate men, women and children on outdoor/wilderness survival.


These pics are exactly what you will receive if  you are the lucky winner.  Below you will find my Survival Series #1 video which displays the Large pack, its functionality and the contents within.  Remember you will be receiving (1) Pink Camo Survival Pack in the Regular size which is just a touch smaller than the one in the video.

Please be sure to watch the video and then take the time to enter the giveaway below.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would forward this post along to all your friends.  Educating yourself for wilderness survival is important and so is carrying the proper gear.  Good luck, thanks for following my adventures and God bless you and yours!  MWJ ♥ <>< Pink Camo Bino Pouch/Survival Pouch

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