Podcast #119: Stepping Out In Faith

Mountain Woman Radio Episode 119 Stepping Out In FaithNovember 4th, 2015: In today’s show I share some really wild recent happenings where I was forced to TOTALLY step out in faith!!  It has been extremely wild and my hope is that you will gain some great insight, inspiration and even hope for your life.  This is all about Stepping Out In Faith!

For those of you that would rather read the show versus listening, you can find the transcription available here.

Beauty and the best life has to offer is at the other side of our comfort zone – step out in faith – Tammy Trayer 11/2/15…

I also mentioned some important things in today’s show:

Focus At Will

Joyfully Empowered Moms of Special Needs Kids Summit – Nov. 8th – Nov. 21st 2015

Beyond Off Grid Summit – Nov. 9th – Nov 14th 2015

Getting Organized In A Crazy, Busy World

Trayer Wilderness 2015 Gift Giving Guide 500 x 500

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Tammy Trayer is an author, freelance writer, blogger at TrayerWilderness.com and a radio show host at Mountain Woman Radio. Tammy and her family live traditionally off-grid and have a passion to help educate others by sharing their experiences of living off the land, dealing with autism, gluten free and dairy free cooking, self-reliance, wilderness survival, traditional and primitive skills, and much more. Follow Tammy's radio show on iTunes and her website. Keep up with Tammy's informative articles and videos by subscribing to: http://TrayerWilderness.com and http://trayerwilderness.com/youtube. She and her family have also created http://trayerwildernessacademy.com where they will be teaching their homesteading, off-grid, traditional and wilderness survival skills to like-minded people just like you.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast #119: Stepping Out In Faith

    • Awesome gift idea!! You are SO creative and you know I too see GREAT things for my future!! God just keeps awing me with his hand on our lives, the doors that continue to open and the wonderful people he is blessings me with!! Love ya lady!