Product Review: Lilla Rose Hair Pieces & Giveaway

mountain-woman-journals-lilla-rose-flexi-review-giveawayI am so excited to announce that i have been offered an item to review and now I can offer you a SPECIAL giveaway for you too!

I don’t know if you have ever heard of the company Lilla Rose which can be found at  They have an amazing line of products which I highly recommend.  They carry various sizes and styles of hair clips.

They are extremely tough and hold up well for my lifestyle.  I absolutely LOVE the Flexi that is pictured to the left.  Not only is it beautiful, but it amazingly holds my long hair wonderfully (without it sliding out of my hair) and unlike other hair clips it does not give me a headache when I have it in my hair all day.  Lilla Rose Flexi put to the test

It is easy to use and it comes in many different sizes.  Lilla Rose has a sizing video so that you can determine what size would fit you best, dependent on your length of hair and how you may intend to use it.

Lilla Rose Flexi sizing chart


Lilla Rose Flexi sizing chart

Victoria from Lilla Rose would be happy to answer any of your questions.  She is an absolute sweetheart and she can be found in several locations:


Lilla Rose:

Her Blog:



I highly suggest that you visit her Facebook page after you have entered the giveaway and check out the GREAT SPECIALS she has going on right now too!

Please be sure to share the word with your friends and family.  I find it to be a Simple Pleasure when you are able to enter a giveaway and walk away the winner.  The only way you can win is if you enter.  So be sure to enter below!

You must be a NEW Lilla Rose customer and if you are the chosen winner you will be contacted via email and I, as well as Victoria will be sure to annouce the winner.  The winner will receive their choice of an item $16.00 or less.

Good Luck!!

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