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Protection on the homesteadHere on our homestead, it is a requirement to not only be prepared for ANYTHING, it is also a necessity to be protected!

We live in the northern Idaho wilderness along with the wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, bears and even the Momma Moose who has a reputation for being very violent when you get to close to her young (can’t blame her – I’d be the same way)!

When I dress in the morning, I include a Kel Tec P3AT .380 as part of my normal attire as well as a Buck Knife Vantage Large pocket knife. These are part of my everyday attire along with a paracord bracelet made by my Mountain Boy and a cigarette lighter for emergencies.

I also carry one of three other knives dependent on what I have going on. I have a knife that I received as a Christmas present from my husband that he hand forged in his smithy and he handmade the wooden handle and the leather sheath – this is a prized possession.

I also have in my arsenal two different knives from L. T. Wright Knives: the Genesis which sports our MultiFlame Mini Tool in the custom sheath that was made especially for me as a gift from L. T. Wright himself and the additional piece I can choose is the Coyote also custom made by L. T. Wright knives. These are my go to knives.

The Genesis is my field knife more often then not and the gift from my Mountain Man and the Coyote are great all around homestead knives with the Coyote being extremely universal for my skinning projects this fall while hunting for our meats.  The Genesis and the Coyote are extremely durable, well made knives to which I highly recommend.  These knives are great for belt carry as well as concealed boot carry!

I also have the Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade and the Ghoststrike Punch. These two knives are a great concealed carry knife for both around the neck, in the boot or around the ankle. I highly recommend these knives for the ladies in the city that really need to be extra careful. If I ever have to go somewhere that does not permit my firearm (which doesn’t happen too often), I prefer to carry the Gerber Ghoststrike.  This is a super light weight, quick release, easy access knife that easily adds comfort in just having it on my person.  I also like to utilize this knife for my survival needs because of the holes in the handle which makes it easy to attach to a stick to use as a gig, spear, etc. providing me with a useful tool for hunting in a survival situation.

A knife is something simple in your pocket that could easily save your life and also be a life saver. It is a required piece of our attire.   My Buck Knife is used daily to open packages, cut baler twine on the hay bale, etc.  It is really something wise to have on your person for daily uses.

All the knives I have mentioned have SO many uses here on my homestead and in our survival training.

The Genesis is a great field knife and I use it regularly to gather punk wood and fat wood for my fires when out in the wild.  Our family takes a lot of treks into the wild to practice and hone in on our survival skills.

Something else each of us carries regularly is a Rossi Trifecta.  The Mountain Boy and I have the .22 long rifle,  .20 gauge and the .243 and the Mountain Man has the .22 long rifle  and the .20 guage.  You can read more about these in the current issue #186 of The New Pioneer Magazine.

It is important to have the right gear for the job, utilize the gear, and to be protected.  Many people own the gear, but keep it tucked away.  What good will a knife or gun do tucked away in your sock drawer?

I feel it is just as important to have a good knife as it is to have good firearm!  I also feel that it is a necessity for a woman to be protected today and to not only carry, but also know how to use well, her weapon of choice!

Do you have the right protection?

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