Rocking GT Designs

Rocking GT Designs

Welcome Rocking GT Designs customers!

In 2013, we decided that we as a family and businesses were spreading out just a bit too much.  Our hobbies quickly turned into way more than we could have ever dreamed of!

We have been slowly merging our websites into one and as of 12/20/2014 Rocking GT Designs has officially been merged to Trayer Wilderness, Inc. here on the internet.  You will find all of our products here along with SO much more.

You will find information and education on homesteading, DIY, wilderness survival, autism & aspergers, natural health, cooking from scratch & a whole foods diet, simple living including gardening, canning, blacksmithing, preserving, foraging, harvesting, animal husbandry and so much more.

You will find this material available in posts, videos and even our weekly Mountain Woman radio.  We encourage you to click on the Home tab up above and see what is the latest news going on here in northern Idaho and from there we hope you will continue to scour around.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance to you and we thank you greatly for joining us!


Glen, Tammy and Austin Trayer