Spring Mushroom Foraging


Note:  Disregard the Mountain Woman hands…  And our recommendation is NOT to go mushroom foraging unless you are with someone who knows their mushrooms or you have been previously educated.  A bad mushroom (many good mushrooms have an evil twin) will cause you to meet your maker.

Ok, for those of you that are not familiar with morel mushrooms, you need to become acquainted.  The best way to describe them is “nature’s steak”.

In our house, morel mushrooms get foraged and when we return home there is a mad dash to the kitchen to get them frying up in a pan of LOTS of butter.  Seasoned with a touch of garlic and seasoned salt and your eyes start rolling back in your head…  🙂

I am behind on my posting so make a note that the morel mushroom is a spring find.  While you are hunting the morel mushroom you may also come across some corel mushrooms.


I have to be honest, the corel mushroom is not near as tasty as the morel.  Once you have a morel mushroom you will have a hard time finding another mushroom tasty..  🙂  But the corel mushroom fried in butter and seasoned is very tasty and they work nicely in soups and meat dishes.  When we see them we forage them.  Our motto is not to waste anything useful and to forage or gather whatever we can.

The morel mushroom we hate to incorporate with anything else because they have such an amazing flavor all by themselves.

A day out foraging with the family is a day well spent.   We gave up tv many many years ago so that we can spend more quality time together and to allow us to do so many more amazing things with our time.

Again – just a reminder to all – do NOT go out gathering mushrooms if you have not been educated first.  So many good eating mushrooms have an evil twin and without proper knowledge you will meet your maker while foraging mushrooms.  This really applies to foraging anything wild – mushrooms, berries, etc.

The posts written on GivenAGift.com were our initial posts and story of our venture starting in Pennslyvania and landing us on the raw land in Idaho that we purchased site unseen. It was the beginning of a major journey that is now continuing on TrayerWilderness.com

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