How to make homemade spikes and nails on the forge


Well the Mountain Man has been busy in his smithy!  Wait till you see all the REALLY cool stuff he’s made.  Some of his new creations will be added to our website store and others will be shared here with his how-to videos. Today’s video below will show you how to make homemade nails or […]

Check out the NEW Mountain Man Survival Paracord Net

Mountain Man Survival Paracord Net & MultiFlame Tool

After spending the night in the woods and making various new things on his trek he returned with a new idea in mind.  After perfecting it and utilizing it in MANY ways, we have added it to our store. Here are some videos he created this week to show you just a glimpse at what […]

January BONUS opportunity when you purchase one of the MultiFlame Tools

Trayer Wilderness January Bonus

 Happy New Year!! To kick off the New Year we are running a very LARGE bonus giveaway when we reach our goal of 150 fire pistons sold for the month of January! Purchase NOW and get 10% with coupon code:  2014TW-10 and you will be entered in our drawing to receive: When we sell a total […]

Mountain Man Skinning Knives are now available…

Trayer Wilderness Mountain Man Knives

Mountain Man Knives are now available in our store.   These knives are available individually or as a set.  These were designed with the trapper in mind, made of high carbon steel with a thin blade, oak handle and 7 1/4″ long with a roughly 3″ blade.  You will find more information on these knives […]

Receive a complimentary digital copy of Self Reliance Illustrated Magazine

I have the privilege and honor to offer you a free digital copy of the Self Reliance Illustrated Magazine. You can choose any of the 15 copies that are currently available. All you have to do is use the following link and view all of the magazines at Then choose the copy you would […]

MMJ – Giveaway for one of my new survival products

Well everyone…. I have been mentioning my new items for some time now and this past week they finally were placed on the machines to be manufactured.  It is a several step process for us to receive the final product in our hands, but this is really awesome! I am hoping that you will all […]

How to make a chicken cone and butcher chickens


Our family tries to do everything we possibly can for ourselves.  We purchased 30 laying hens and ended up with 5 roosters out of the bunch.  We didn’t want all those roosters in the coop so we fattened them up and decided they would do nicely in our freezer.  When it comes to putting meat […]