MMJ – Building an axe head on the forge

Last week I decided to make an axe head on the forge.  I used a scrap piece of railroad track for the project.  There are 9 different videos to enable you to watch from start to finish.  Below are links to the videos.  Click the image or the associated link to view each video.  Thanks […]

New Pioneer Magazine Debut

Well this is an exciting week for our family.  I have always had the desire to write and in 2012 I embraced that dream. I took a 6 week writing course in March and mid-way through my teacher suggested that I query some magazines with my ideas.  We had been enjoying the New Pioneer Magazine […]

MMJ – Montana Firestarter Review

The Montana Firestarter has an elk antler handle with both a magnesium and flint rod.  It comes with a scraper as well.  To order by mail or for their order form click here.  If you order a Montana Firestarter, be sure to tell them that Mountain Man Journals sent you.    

Today’s reflections… Less is more and old is better…

Our family is very blessed to be in a location that often times we are unable to leave due to various weather conditions. In addition, I have a profession that allows us to stay back here sometimes weeks at a time without having to enter today’s society. Some may think we are becoming hermits, but […]