Traditional way to warm the heart

Being that we live as traditionally as we do off-grid in the northern Idaho wilderness, we are always trying to utilize items that require no power.  We live in an intentionally frugal fashion conserving even when we don’t have to.  We no longer have a microwave or any tools in the kitchen that require power.  Everything is the tools of the past that actually are made better and work better than their current modern counterparts.

We used to use heating pads and a neck bag that was filled with rice and required a minute or two in the microwave to heat  it up.  We still use the neck bag, but I use the double boiler to heat it up, but my FAVORITE is the Hot Water Bottle that I received from Warm Tradition.  They carry German and American made items and they are truly AMAZING!!  The pioneers and homesteaders of the past knew what they were doing using hot water bottles.   They knew how to take care of their families and warm their hearts with kindness and care.Mountain Woman Journals - Warm Traditions Hot Water Bottle

My water bottle could not have arrived at a better time.  I came down with a cold and was so achy.  These hot water bottles really do feel so good and help so much in relieving aches and pains, swelling, stomach aches, muscle soreness, helps with the chills and just feel so good on a cold winters day.

My son is high functioning autistic and he used to experience a lot of stomach cramping and pains and the warmth of the hot water bottle is comforting both for the stomach cramps as well as in general.  This item is AMAZING for autistic and asperger individuals as a great tool to just add comfort.

My son and I also have another website: where we take great pleasure in educating others on our diet (gluten free and casein free) and our lifestyle.

We are currently having a giveaway for the hot water bottled and fleece puzzle cover on our Facebook page or for a direct link to our giveaway:

Also to buy directly you can go to or

Mountain Woman Journals ~ LambIf you are looking for a unique Easter present, the lamb to the left will fit the mold.

Please be sure to stop by and enter our drawing.  This is an item that you don’t want to miss out on and I feel that every homesteader should have in their medicinal arsenal.


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  1. Great idea, I haven’t seen a hot water bottle in a long time … maybe I need to rethink that.

    • Hi Catherine,
      Thanks for stopping by… Yes it had been a long time for me as well seeing a hot water bottle, but WOW how nice they are to own and use. We use a lot of traditional tools and a kitchen gadgets. I LOVE my antiques and they decorate my walls when they are not in use… 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by…. Blessings….. Tam